Food Retail Industry Insights

Hillphoenix has accumulated a wealth of information over the years and we are eager to share it with you. From associations and universities to government agencies and industry experts – we are constantly looking for new trends, ideas, innovations, customer insights, and more that will give you a competitive advantage.  Browse through our Insights Library below and be sure to check back often. We have new insights all the time. 

Adding Glass Doors to Multi-Deck Meat Case

Retailers are looking to save energy, and provide fresher products for their shoppers. Open multi-deck display cases, dumping cold air into the aisles, with traditional fluorescent lighting, are major consumers of supermarket energy. The open multi-deck merchandiser is typically used to display fresh meat. Meat is one of the highest revenue departments in the supermarket, but […]

Longo’s Supermarkets Distribution Center

When Longo’s Supermarkets set out to build a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified head office and distribution center in 2009, they looked to Neelands Refrigeration Limited and Hillphoenix® for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective warehouse refrigeration answer. This case study looks at the Hillphoenix Second Nature systems as an alternative to ammonia […]

A Comparative Study of Secondary Glycol & Direct Expansion Refrigeration Systems Case Study

A Comparative Study of Secondary Glycol & Direct Expansion Refrigeration Systems

Second Nature Medium-Temperature secondary systems have been widely applied in commercial refrigeration since their introduction in the late 1990’s. With more than 700 installations throughout North America using propylene glycol as secondary coolant, these systems have enabled customers to greatly reduce initial refrigerant charge and dramatically lower leakage rates of refrigerants that contribute to ozone […]

Industrial Refrigeration Systems offer an alternative to centralized systems

Commercial/Industrial systems designed and produced by Hill PHOENIX have handled applications as big as one quarter of a million square feet. By taking what is essentially a large-scale distributed refrigeration system approach to projects requiring more than 800 tons of refrigeration-compared to centralized systems-Hill PHOENIX is able to Reduce refrigerant charge, piping and joints and […]

The Challenges of Retail Berry Marketing

The Challenges of Retail Berry Marketing

More and more consumers recognize the benefits of berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. – as superfoods and shoppers equate freshness with health. But, among perishables, berries are challenging to keep fresh. This white paper explores the measures taken to maintain product integrity and freshness while ensuring standards and measures to get them from farm […]

Retail Meals-to-Go and the Battle for Dinner

Retail Meals-to-Go and the Battle for Dinner

The changing food retail environment is widespread and affecting supermarkets in a big way. With six different generations having different likes and shopping habits, retailers are trying to capitalize how consumers shop for food. This white paper outlines the trends going on in the marketplace and how retailers ar responding with fresh prepared meals.

Refrigeration Gets Greener

Refrigeration is getting greener. With supermarket retailers wanting a more energy-efficient and sustainable operation, an innovative approach to supermarket refrigeration enables stores to reach near-zero sustainable leak rates. This white paper goes over the use of Compact Chiller Module technology as a way to address environmental concerns.