Energy Lock Programs Calculator

Refrigeration is a major expense in every supermarket. The energy demands of deli cases, meat cases, dairy cases, freezers, reach-ins, walk-ins are huge. The average retail operation spends 90% of its energy—about $150,000 per year—to keep everything well-cooled, well-lit and well-maintained. It’s easy to see, with competition as tight as it is any savings on the energy required for all that can have a major impact on a store’s bottom line. Lock down that savings across an entire operation and see how significant it can really become.


Storeowners who try to chase down savings on their own face a bewildering task with all the energy-reduction claims and products they have to choose from. It’s a daunting, exhausting prospect. Yet, it’s easy for storeowners with Energy Lock – Energy Services from AMS. Energy Lock experts do all the work through AMS energy-saving products and services specifically dedicated to improving performance and cutting costs.

See for yourself. Take the Energy Lock challenge and see how The AMS Group’s Energy Services team can unlock the mystery and SHOW YOU THE MONEY!

Select any Hillphoenix Energy Lock products and services to see how much you could be saving: 

Energy Lock Program Energy Before Program   Energy After Program Annual Savings
Close the Case $29,042.60
Low Energy Door Retrofit 11,701.17
SweatMiser $12,562.21
EC Fan Motors $9,171.72
LED Lighting $24,447.76
Recommissioning $154,500.00
Total annual energy savings:

Savings are an approximation, to get a more accurate number of how much energy your store could save please opt-in and contact one of our AMS personnel for more information.

Note – Energy savings are based on a 30,000 sq. ft. store with a $0.10 kWh power rate.