Hillphoenix supports Coolgenix customers with onsite training

Moving to a new technology requires you to “think different,” as the folks at Apple say, and that’s true whether you’re in Silicon Valley or behind the meat counter at a neighborhood supermarket.

The unique, conduction-based cooling technology at the heart of Hillphoenix’s Coolgenix line changes business as usual in grocers’ meat and seafood departments. But it is change with plenty of benefits, and — like Apple’s “geniuses” — Hillphoenix Learning Center and Design Center experts are available to help supermarket staff get up to speed.

After Coolgenix equipment is installed in a store, Hillphoenix trainers come in to show supermarket employees how to clean and merchandise Coolgenix cases — and explain how the innovative refrigeration technology has the potential to change the nature of their work.

Increase merchandising options and reduce cleaning

Coolgenix opens up new opportunities for meat and seafood merchandising and changes how — and how long — employees clean up. Hillphoenix’s in-store trainers explain how Coolgenix’s conduction technology circulates coolant through enclosed channels in deck pans below the product. A deck pan can lie flat or plug into slots to independently angle 5, 10 or 15 degrees. So, creating visually interesting displays that showcase product at different levels is a snap.

Our trainers take store employees through the technology — describing how deck pans are actually part of the cooling process. The pans make direct contact with the refrigerant-filled cooling channels below and with the product above. This ensures consistent temperature and humidity levels — a technological improvement that keeps product moister and can as double the display life of a cut of meat. The deck pans also eliminate the need for “diapers” or ice, which reduces time spent building displays and cleaning them up.

The consistent temperature and humidity levels mean meat and seafood can stay in the case overnight. As our trainers explain to supermarket employees: Just cover the product with butcher paper. When you remove the paper the next morning, you’ll uncover fresh, colorful, flavorful meat and seafood that’s ready to sell. Grocers tell me that Coolgenix saves their meat and seafood department employees as much as three hours of labor a day.

Transform employees into shopper advisors

Employees can use that time to boost customer service. With a bit of training, they can educate shoppers on cuts of meat or fish. They can offer recipes, recommend proper cooking methods and temperatures and even guide shoppers toward wine or beer pairings.

Coolgenix equipment and expert, on-site training from our Hillphoenix Learning Center and Design Center teams can transform supermarket employees from laborers into creative merchandisers and shoppers’ trusted advisors. That, in turn, can transform supermarket meat and seafood departments into enticing shopper destinations.

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