Merchandising with the Five Senses – Delight Your Customers and Allow Them to Savor a Bite

By Margie Merchandiser

Confucius said “Everyone eats and drinks; yet only few appreciate the taste.” Spicy, sweet, salty, sour, bitter…there are so many flavors and tastes to enjoy, and retailers can utilize this as a ploy to create a food destination for hungry customers and add more items in their shopping cart!

There are many ways to employ a taste immersion for customers and offering samples are a great way to engage your shopper. Many retailers are creating in-store cooking demos offering samples of seasonal items, prepared meals, recipes they can make themselves and where in the store shoppers can find the ingredients. Oftentimes, consumers are not fully persuaded to buy something, even though it may be a food item they are familiar with, until they actually taste it. With a well-orchestrated demo and sampling area, a store can increase shopper knowledge, boost sales and increase traffic.

And, with the sense of taste intimately intertwined with the sense of smell, the messages that each send to the brain converge allowing us to detect the flavors in food. Now that is biological teamwork at its best!

Armed with this knowledge, set the stage and make your store a taste adventure! Set up those samples and steer the shoppers to something new and unexpected. Taste is very important in the sensory experience to help cultivate your shoppers’ culinary appetites so get cooking!

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