EC Fan Motors


Quiet efficiency wins every time.
The EC (electronically commutated) motors used in fans are more efficient at “moving air” than their more common counterparts — shaded pole motors (SPM) and permanent split capacitor (PSC) fan motors — to the tune of 1/3 – 2/3 the energy usage! In the competitive retail arena, savings like that can really add up.

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It’s all about the noise and efficiency.

PSC motors are noisy and to keep the noise down, must operate at less than a full load. Efficiency suffers, losing as much as 45%.

EC fan motors can be programmed to operate at the exact speed needed without wasting energy.

Hermetically sealed stator assembly, formed-in-place gasketing and fully coated electronics insure that EC motors are made to withstand the demands of a wet environment application.

Full ball bearing assemblies allow for mounting in any position and provide exceptional fan life normally beyond 60,000 hours (6.8 years).

Complete fan assembly; blade, motor and wall ring designed to work together for optimum performance (air flow, vibration and sound).