Follow Food Trends to Drive Sales

Following food trends isn’t just about the groceries you sell.  It’s also about providing inspiration for shoppers, understanding their needs, and increasing access to the food experiences they crave.  Ignoring trends or simply neglecting to integrate them effectively into…

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Category: Trends

Produce for the Win!

Pricing may get shoppers in the door, but the entire produce experience is what makes the sale.  As the perimeter grows fresher and greener, understanding your customers’ wants and needs is paramount to staying the top pick for where…

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Category: Merchandising

Shine the Right Light on Your Offerings to Stand Out in the Marketplace

It should come as no surprise that LED lighting continues to rise in popularity to save cost and improve efficiency.  An overlooked detail is that improper use can actually reduce sales, too.  By using incorrect color temperatures and not…

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Category: Merchandising, Lighting

Combine food art, science, & trends to drive fresh ideas

Supermarket Sense 2017

As the supermarket industry continues to expand and evolve, it’s become even more essential to anticipate trends and shoppers’ needs.   This is precisely why Hillphoenix is part of bringing together in-house experts and industry professionals for another year…

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Best Practices for Dairy Case Merchandising

Margie Proctor and Kelly Sayko, Hillphoenix   It all begins at the farm. Quality dairy products come from happy, healthy animals and plant based products whose milk has been safely processed to ensure a flavorful, fresh consumer experience. However,…

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Category: Merchandising, Display Cases, Lighting