Market Beat Customer Spotlight


Caputo's Fresh Market




When you look at the stunningly designed Caputo’s Fresh Market in Carol Stream, IL, you will be taken back, not only by the sheer size of the building (it’s 300,000 square feet) but the impressive utilization of its space. The former industrial site houses not only an amazingly designed store, but a commissary and warehouse as well.

Regional Sales Manager Ron Brown worked with Caputo’s CEO Robertino Presta to discuss ways they could create a functional and beautiful space that helps achieve Caputo’s goals of driving business efficiency and to create spaces that could service multiple purposes. Working with the Design Center and the other divisions of Hillphoenix, Caputo’s relied on the expertise of Hillphoenix to help design the layout and equipment placement for the entire site.

All three parts of the building—store, commissary and warehouse—are outfitted with some of the newest refrigeration equipment in the market, including the first U.S. supermarket to install the Advansor CO2 Booster System. In fact, Hillphoenix advised Caputo’s on sustainable options which not only included the Booster system, but the LED lighting which helped Caputo’s make smart decisions and help adhere to their environmental commitment within their community.

The store itself is designed to engage shoppers and offer views into how Caputo’s prepares their ready-to-go meals, baked goods and meats. A place where shoppers don’t just shop, they have an experience.

The produce department is also equipped with ample refrigeration throughout to ensure that berries stay fresh and other perishables remain enticing to the shopper’s eye. And, add some diversity with wine, beer and gelato bars which showcase the Specialty division’s capabilities for customizing destination areas that draw the shopper in, and have them linger a little longer.
So, the partnership of Hillphoenix and Caputo’s has not only future-proofed their business, it’s tapped into a whole new way to reimagine how customer’s experience their local grocery store.