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The Hillphoenix Design center will collaborate with you to create unique themes and merchandising solutions. A better shopping experience for your customers translates into increased product turnover and revenue for you.

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Coolgenix 2.0

Cases with Coolgenix® technology from Hillphoenix® are designed and built to deliver everything from a better customer experience to a better bottom line. They maintain product freshness better.

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Hillphoenix® is the industry leader that supermarkets, super centers, convenience stores and drug stores rely upon for dependable, efficient refrigeration solutions. The CLARITY line of Merchandising Systems is a prime example. Available for both LT (low-temperature) and MT (medium-temperature) applications, CLARITY brings a new versatility to store merchandisers by giving them a wider choice of fitments and customizing options. Multiple sizes and configurations, more frame and door pairings, all combine to create unique and compelling shopping experiences for every refrigeration application.

For more information contact your sales representation, call 844-540-8798 or email clarity@hillphoenix.com.

  • Flexible Merchandising
  • Optimal Energy Savings
  • Superior Product Pack-Out
  • Maximum Product Visibility
  • Matching Medium and Low-Temp Line-Up


Medium and Low-Temperature Reach-In Merchandisers

Hillphoenix is the industry leader that supermarkets, supercenters, convenience stores and drug stores rely upon for dependable, efficient refrigeration solutions.

CLARITY Reach-in cases bring that leadership into sharper focus by adding unmatched versatility that gives store merchandisers a wider choice of fitments for any application in any department.

No matter whether the purpose is meat, deli, seafood, beverage, dairy, produce, frozen food or ice cream, CLARITY cases customized with the ideal frame and door options deliver superior performance for every need. Multiple sizes and configurations help store merchandisers provide unique refrigeration and enhanced product displays to create a superior shopper experience.


v-series-case-title-428x288Ultra tall, matching medium and low-temp applications with low front, bottom located refrigeration components for easy service and full top-shelf reachable merchandising.


o-series-case-title-428x288Large pack-out, exclusive 6-door case, matching medium and low-temp line-up.


j-series-case-title-428x288Self-contained cases available with factory or field installed top-mounted condensing units.


x-series-case-title-428x288Great product visibility, medium-temp applications, maximum pack-out and top-located refrigeration for easy cleaning.


6-series-case-title-428x288Designed for all medium and low-temp applications, industry’s largest pack-out.

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Low-Temperature Frames

Medium-Temperature Frames

Medium-Temperature Doors

Low-Temperature Doors