Coolgenix® 2.0 Information


Cases with Coolgenix® technology from Hillphoenix® are designed and built to deliver everything from a better customer experience to a better bottom line. They maintain product freshness better. Their innovative secondary coolant technology is better for the environment. Coolgenix is simply a better choice all the way around. The proof? The hundreds— and counting — of Coolgenix installations across the nation.

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  • Cool Through Conductive Technology
  • Extend Product Life
  • Save Energy Cost
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Labor Costs


Coolgenix is exclusive technology developed by Hillphoenix that cools through conductive cooling. Display cases that utilize Coolgenix technology extend the product life of meat and seafood beyond the expectations of traditional gravity coil or blower coil refrigeration systems. The patented glycol coolant system uses a combination of gravity coils and display pan heat exchangers to keep product between 34-35° Fahrenheit.

Better for the product.

Coolgenix deck pans and gravity coil working together, maintain an environment that keeps humidity near the product to preserve product weight, reduce early product loss, and maintain product flavor.

Better for the environment.

Glycol, an all natural green alternative to ozone depleting HFC refrigerants, is used in Coolgenix deck pans to create conduction cooling.  The glycol that flows through the deck pans is food-grade propylene glycol and water. The food grade coolant will not harm the product and is not toxic.

Better for the bottom line.

Reduce labor and maintenance costs!  labor costs are reduced because there’s no need to shrink wrap and remove product from the case after hours.  In seafood applications, Coolgenix saves even more.  A Coolgenix seafood case has no need for ice.  Labor costs associated with filling and changing out ice in a seafood case are gone along with ice machine maintenance.

Coolgenix 2.0 White Paper

How to Avoid 6% of Meat Profits from Going Down the Drain Beef is still the top-selling item in a grocer’s meat case, accounting for almost half of all meat sales. A store can ensure they are cashing in on those profits, instead of squandering away potential earnings. How can they do it? 

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Merchandising with Coolgenix Video

Take a closer look at the benefits of Coolgenix when merchandising meat and seafood in refrigerated display cases.

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Coolgenix 2.0: Better for the product.  Better for the environment.  Better for the bottom line.  What does that mean to the retailer and how can they benefit from Coolgenix 2.0?  Watch the video to find out these answers on why Coolgenix 2.0 is simply a better choice all the way around.

Coolgenix 2.0 is now standard on the following cases: