AdaptaPak SFC

AdaptaPak SFC

AdaptaPak SFC

AdaptaPak SFC

AdaptaPak SFC

Designed for convenience stores, discount stores, drug stores, and small footprint food retail stores.

A Hillphoenix AdaptaPak™ Distributed System features a clean, low-height design to minimize rooftop visibility. It shares suction, discharge and integrated condenser across several compressors, and as a result, compressor capacity can be varied to match the required loads — a much more efficient design compared to single-unit installations.

• Complete High-Side Package
• Ease & Reduced Cost of Installation
• Ease of Service & Accessibility
• Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
• Free Up Store Space by Mounting Outside
• Low Profile Compact Design
• Less Piping, Fewer Leaks

AdaptaPak SFC

AdaptaPak SFC

AdaptaPak SFC

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-painted, galvanized steel cabinet (pueblo tan).
  • Fixed-speed AC fan motors.
  • 460V main power.
  • Uncoated copper tube/aluminum fin coil.
  • Energy-efficient scroll compressors.
  • Oversized receiver.
  • Single or dual suction group models available.
  • Replaceable core filter/drier and sight glass.
  • Suction filter per suction group.
  • Through-the-door disconnect.
  • IEC contactors.
  • Phase loss monitor with brownout protection.
  • One low-pressure control per suction.
  • One high-pressure control per compressor.
  • Analog liquid level indicator/alarm.
  • Discharge oil separator (centrifugal) with integral oil reservoir.
  • OMB per compressor.


  • Variable-speed EC fan motors.
  • 208-230V main power.
  • Electrofin coated coil.
  • Cold weather package (split condenser/heated and insulated receiver).
  • Remote ice machine coil.
  • Hail guard.
  • Heat reclaim valve package (remote only).
  • Digital liquid level indicator/alarm.
  • Low-pressure control per compressor.

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