Utility Single Deck Cross-Merchandiser

Hillphoenix OM-NRG and OMM-NRG  Single-Deck, Deli, Meat and Seafood Display Case. The perfect, self-service merchandiser for deli, meat and seafood. Use the OM-NRG case with optional superstructure and sliding window to create interaction between associates and customers. The OM-NRG merchandiser has multiple options for base frame height, superstructures, and lengths. The OMM-NRG has an additional airflow management system for optimal fresh meat temperatures and 50% more pack-out.

Base Model Features

OM-NRG & OMM-NRG (Shared)
• Synerg-E® technology with NRGcoil™ ensures uniform case performance and lower average product temperatures with optimum energy efficiency.
• Bottom-mounted NRGcoil and lift-up fan plenum for ease of maintenance.
• Seamless tank liner provides positive drain runoff and enhances sanitation.

OM-NRG (Only OM)
• OM single-deck front options line up with OHM multi-deck merchandisers to create a continuous display for increased merchandising impact.
• Helps establish customer interaction in front of open prep room.

• Unique airflow management design including baffle, fan speed, and quantity to optimize fresh meat/protein product temperatures.
• Over 50% of additional pack out compared to OM-NRG.

Available Options

OM-NRG & OMM-NRG (Shared)
• Available lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 12’.
• Adjustable wire racks provide display flexibility.
• Custom colors, finishes, and textures available.
• Direct expansion refrigeration.
• Time off defrost.

OM-NRG (Only OM)
• Multiple front styles available.
• Multiple front sill heights available.
• Superstructure option with access doors (mirrored or glass) allows access to the prep room and has optional lighting for added display impact.
• Available with 5” or 11” baseframe.
• Second Nature® secondary coolant refrigeration.
• Self-contained version available as OWMA, wide depth version available as OWM, both come in 8’.
• SoloChill® micro distributed refrigeration system available in 6’ & 8’ lengths.
• Exclusive Clearvoyant® LED lighting system used in the cornice of the optional superstructure.

Base Model Features • Additional electric and hot gas defrost available.



Please consult Hillphoenix Engineering Reference Manual for dimensions, plan views and technical specifications. Specifications subject to change without notice. Designed for optimal performance in store environments where temperature and humidity do not exceed 75°F and 55% R.H. Certified to UL 471, ANSI/NSF Standard 2,7,51 and CAN/CSA C22.2.

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