Draw in Shoppers with a Crave-worthy Store

Draw in Shoppers with a Crave-worthy Store

Before online shopping and food delivery services entered the scene, having a supermarket in a convenient location was often enough to drive traffic. As the definition and delivery method of convenience continues to evolve, it’s become even more important to create experiences for and relationships with your shoppers.  They need to be drawn to your supermarket and genuinely look forward to walking through the door.

There are two keywords to help you accomplish this:  magnetism and craveability.  Neither should be ignored.

As you would imagine, magnetism is what draws shoppers back to your supermarket.  It’s about creating an experience your customers can rely on and look forward to.  Magnetism may sound like a magical word, but establishing it is actually quite simple and cost effective.   In fact, you may be surprised at what features help you stand out.  Clean restrooms, friendly associates, and easy to remember store hours make it simple for your store to stay top of mind.  It’s also important to factor in parking lot lighting, product variety, and ways to make your store a one-stop-shop.  When you invite shoppers to a well-lit, clean, and reliable supermarket, you are also setting the stage for them to return often.

Think of your favorite restaurant.  Its best appetizer, entree, or dessert probably comes to mind immediately.  Just the thought awakens your taste buds, making you crave that very dish.  Suddenly, you feel like you need to pay a visit and indulge.  This phenomenon is known as craveability, and it’s exactly what you should create for your shoppers.

Like magnetism, craveability can be simple, starting with smells and tastes.  What can your shoppers smell as soon as they enter?  It could be hot and fresh cookies, flavored popcorn, or a savory meal that’s ready to grab and go.  Customers will remember that smell and the delight of buying something they can enjoy immediately.

Kids can crave your store, too!  We all know that happy kids equate to happy parents, and that can correlate to more sales.  How are you reaching out to your tiniest audience?  Offering a specialty candy, a holiday-themed cookie, or even a fresh dinner roll can entice those taste buds and put a smile on everyone’s faces.  As an added bonus, this plays into magnetism, too.  When parents feel like their kids are thought of, they are more likely to return often.

Is your store magnetic and craveable?  There are tactics and strategies to help your store stand out in the marketplace and draw in your customers with loyalty and excitement. Then you can draw them in and make them come back for more!