Effectively Equip a Smaller Footprint

Convenience Store to Gourmet Hub? How C-Stores are Evolving into Food Destinations

By Kim Camp – Hillphoenix

Visually appealing displays create a great opportunity to lure the shopper in and compel them to buy more. Refrigerated display cases and islands frequently showcase grab-and-go meals, snacks and beverages and provide the perfect stage to grab the customers’ attention. Many retailers recognize that a creative and skillfully merchandised case, along with effective cross-merchandising, can result in a larger ring value.

Convenience stores also realize that opportunity and continue to grow and modify their footprint. These modifications include refrigerated, hot cases and dry storage strategically placed within the store to provide a clear and succinct shopping experience while providing customers with the fresh and healthy items they are looking for. Just imagine a multi-functional display featuring baked goods, a prepared-meals program and a display full of refrigerated fresh items all in one area!

Refrigerated islands are a great option for convenience stores and offer an ideal focal point in the store. While most displays in the store remain static, a refrigerated island could be changed up to accommodate different dayparts, seasonal items or special-occasion ready-to-go meals. Design shopping patterns throughout the store where customers will have to walk by the island to get to the beverage cooler, the prepared foods area or the coffee bar. By doing this, stores can attract the shopper to pick up that one extra item or provide an additional convenience for them.

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