Merchandising With the Five Senses – Listen Up!

Merchandising With the Five Senses – Listen Up!

By Margie Merchandiser

Remember in the movie Jerry Maguire when Renee Zellweger enthusiastically stated “You had me at HELLO!” Wouldn’t it be great if customers came into your establishment and felt the exact same way?

Sound is a beautiful and powerful tool that establishes a friendly environment, and in turn, a positive emotional state for the customer. Retailers can grab customers’ attention as soon as they enter the store with a warm greeting, a hello, a smile and a “Can I help you?” Creating that great customer service builds trust, matters more than price, makes the shopper feel like they matter and reduces problems.

Music also has the ability to create or shift emotion and conditions a response. The right music can make you happy, motivated to purchase and can reduce an individual’s stress level. Certain sounds or songs can spark a memory or tie into a specific store theme or department — think of the sound of waves crashing in a seafood department or thunder claps in a produce department — both elicit a response or alert shoppers to where they are or what will occur within your store.

Both music and sound can set the tone for a customer’s shopping experience, and what retailer does not want to leave a memorable imprint on customers? The right music and great customer service are two very easy ways of getting the results you want. Positive vibes attract positive results which increases your traffic and sales.

Silence is not golden when it comes to generating that favorable vibe within your store. Leave that memorable imprint on customers. It will be music to your ears and your bottom line!