• Electrical Distribution for Restaurants…

    The design incorporates all the necessary Electrical Distribution, Energy Management Systems (EMS), Point of Sale (POS) TVSS, Lighting Control and IT integration. The design works for Quick Serve, Casual Dining and Upscale Fine Dining establishments.

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  • Reduce Construction Time on Hospitality Projects…

    Our Power Plus assemblies standardize the distribution rooms of multiple story hotels. The Power Plus significantly reduces the construction time to complete the project.

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  • Flexibility and Durability…

    Power Systems units can be designed to meet any application, from large distribution centers to rock quarries.  These products durable enough to stand up to the toughest environments

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  • Simple, Effective and Convenient

    For C-Store applications we can integrate Pump Controls, Distribution Equipment, Energy Management Systems (EMS), Point of Sale protection (POS), TVSS, Lighting Control and IT integration. Factory integration reduces upfront install costs and the footprint of the electrical room in the small C Store space.

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  • Open Your Stores Faster with Less Headaches!

    Power Systems have the experience and expertise to customize electrical equipment for your store.  By using integrated electrical you can decrease your critical path schedule and eliminate the headaches associated with traditional stick built installations.

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  • Mega Watt Integrated Power Center…

    Items of integration include Inverters, MV Transformer, Data Acquisition Panel (DAS), Tracker Panel Power, Auxiliary Power, Generator Transfer Switch, Weather Station Monitoring, DC Disconnects and Breakers, AC Switchboards, etc.

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  • Want it all for Less?

    At Power Systems we can integrate electrical equipment, such as generator transfer switches, EMS controls, UPS devices, TVSS, and more.  All centrally located and pre-wired, which means there is less work to be completed on site.


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  • Less is More…

    Compact footprint of Power Plus reduces the space requirement for electrical distribution. The design also reduces the cost and allows for faster store construction schedules.

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Read more about various Power Systems products for various market segments in the panels above. Simply click on the appropriate panel to read about our custom designs for that particular industry.

Our customers count on us to give them the answers they need based on their unique needs. As you can see here and also hear from other customers, we are able to deliver!