PowerCenter Industrial Integrated Electrical Houses

Integrated Electrical Houses

PowerCenter™ from Hill PHOENIX® is your single source for cost effective, reliable power distribution from project construction to established operation. Consistently manufactured to your exact specifications, PowerCenter is a completely modularized electrical distribution system in a custom enclosure.

Services & Benefits

  • Total Installed Cost Reductions
  • Reduced Field Construction Cycle Time
  • Reduced Footprint and Clearance Impact
  • Greater Energy Efficient Designs
  • Accelerated Equipment Depreciation
  • Higher Quality Installation
  • Chain-wide Consistency
  • Reduced Project Risks
  • Reduced Material Handling and Damage
  • Complete System Hot Testing Quality Assurance
  • Structurally Superior Construction
  • Industry Expertise Consulting
  • Value Engineering Design Process
  • Prototype Design Development
  • Computer Drafted Wiring Diagrams
  • Single Source Accountability
  • Leveraged Vendor Volume and Neutrality
  • Disaster Preparedness Strategies
  • Project Management Coordination
  • Code Compliance and Inspection Assistance
  • Seismic Calculations