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Dover Food Retail Announces Hillphoenix® Shelf-Edge Technology Designed for Energy Savings and Improved Performance

Dover Food Retail today announced the launch of EcoBlade®, an innovative, shelf-edge technology designed to reduce energy consumption and improve product temperatures in Hillphoenix open refrigerated display cases. Hillphoenix collaborated with Wirth Research, a UK-based research firm, to provide a unique solution for the demanding food retail market in North America

EcoBlade is a patented two-blade system, designed by Wirth Research and specifically tailor-made and tested for Hillphoenix display cases, which utilizes a science-based approach to managing the airflow directly in front of the shelves within open multi-deck cases. With two unique design options that allow for EcoBlade to attach directly to either flat or angled shelves in Hillphoenix open display cases, EcoBlade channels airflow more efficiently, ensuring that the cool air remains inside the case providing more efficient refrigeration of the food products being displayed.  The technology behind EcoBlade incorporates the same techniques that streamline airflow more efficiently around race cars to enable them to corner at high speeds. When applied to Hillphoenix open display cases, this process provides consistent product temperatures, prevents cool air from dumping into the shopping aisles and reduces refrigeration energy consumption by up to 33% without compromising merchandising capabilities or fixture aesthetics.”

“The Hillphoenix partnership with Wirth Research gives us the opportunity to provide customers this innovative product that is a unique offering in the marketplace,” stated Anshuman Bhargava, director of product management with Dover Food Retail. “It gives retailers industry-best energy and food temperature performance for open multi-deck refrigerated cases especially for merchandising perishable meat products.”

This unique technology has already been rolled out this year in the United Kingdom with Waitrose & Partners who were looking at innovative ways to reduce energy costs, and it is currently being tested by several large United States retailers with one already making the commitment to specify for use in all new stores.

“We are delighted to be working with Hillphoenix.  It is a fantastic endorsement of our technology and services to be partnering with one of the largest OEM’s in the world,” stated Nick Wirth, president and founder of Wirth Research. “We look forward to accelerated adoption of our technology and helping US grocers and shoppers make their contribution to the planet by saving energy and cutting carbon dioxide emissions.”

About Dover Food Retail

Dover Food Retail, part of Dover Corporation with headquarters in Conyers, Georgia, is the partner to customers seeking to create unique food experiences. Employing the capabilities of our industry-leading brands, Anthony and Hillphoenix, we are able to provide insight and a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions that enable our customers to sell more food, more profitably. Our ability to evolve with the ever-changing market demands is driven by our passion for understanding our customers’ business and providing them with the best quality products and services they need to succeed both today and in the future. Our focused, forward-thinking approach, combined with the strength of our brands, sets the stage for streamlined product development, a broader product portfolio, and cutting-edge technology resulting in redefining what is possible for customers in the food retail value chain.

 About Hillphoenix

Hillphoenix-branded products and services deliver advanced design and manufacturing of commercial refrigerated display cases and specialty products along with commercial and industrial refrigeration systems and integrated power distribution systems. Training, design, energy and aftermarket services are available through the Hillphoenix Learning and Design Centers and The AMS Group.  For more information visit, or call 800-283-1109.

About Wirth Research

Founded by esteemed motorsport designer and former youngest-ever Fellow of the Royal Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Nick Wirth, Wirth Research’s mission is to make life more enjoyable and more sustainable through technology. We are able to make buildings better to live, work and shop in; to make vehicles more energy-efficient; and do all of this while providing our clients with a compelling return on their investment.

In early 2019, UK supermarket, Waitrose, rolled out a wide scale introduction of the Wirth Research EcoBlade™ – a twin-bladed strip fitted to the front of fridge shelves to reduce cold air being lost into the aisles, using the same techniques that channel airflow more efficiently around racing cars to enable them to corner at higher speeds.

Wirth Research also specializes in the research, design and manufacture of cutting-edge engineering solutions. Recent projects have included Apple Inc.’s corporate headquarters, Apple Park in California, central London skyscraper, 22 Bishopsgate, and the award-winning Bloomberg European HQ – the world’s most sustainable office building.

For further information, visit:

Press Contact: Kim Camp,
804) 451-2420, office / (678) 646-1063, mobile


Hillphoenix, a pioneer in designing environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems, has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) GreenChill 2018-19 Store Certification Excellence (non-supermarket) award. This

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