Distributed Refrigeration Systems

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Flexible, Integrated Outdoor Refrigeration Solution.

Traditional supermarkets, mass merchandisers and warehouse membership retailers are reducing their footprints to reduce bottom line costs even as small format stores are getting larger to answer customer demand. The answer in every case points to the increased flexibility and integrated design of AdaptaPak™ distributed outdoor refrigeration system.

  • Complete High-Side Package
  • Ease & Reduced Cost of Installation
  • Ease of Service & Accessibility
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Free up Store Space by Mounting Outside
  • Low Profile Compact Design
  • Less Piping Fewer Leaks

Base Model Features

  • Pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet (pueblo tan).
  • Fixed speed AC fan motors.
  • 460V main power.
  • Uncoated copper tube/aluminum fin coil.
  • Energy-efficient scroll compressors.
  • Oversized receiver.
  • Single or dual suction group models available.
  • Replaceable core filter/drier and sight glass.
  • Suction filter per suction group.
  • Through the door disconnect.
  • IEC contactors.
  • Phase loss monitor with brownout protection.
  • One low pressure control per suction.
  • One high pressure control per compressor.
  • Analog liquid level indicator/alarm.
  • Discharge oil separator (centrifugal) with integral oil reservoir.
  • OMB per compressor.

Available Options

  • Variable speed EC fan motors.
  • 208-230V main power.
  • Electrofin coated coil.
  • Cold weather package (split condenser/heated and insulated receiver).
  • Remote ice machine coil.
  • Hail guard.
  • Heat reclaim vale package (remote only).
  • Digital liquid level indicator/alarm.
  • Low pressure control per compressor.

Two-Fan Configuration

AdaptaPak Refrigeration Systems for Small Format 2 Fan Configuration

Three-Fan Configuration

Adaptapak Refrigeration Systems for Small Format 3 Fan Configuration

Four-Fan Configuration

Adaptapak Refrigeration Systems for Small Format 4 Fan Configuration

Better Practices Make Better Systems

There are many reasons why Hillphoenix® Refrigeration Systems continues to lead the industry. Why? No matter what the application or the specific refrigeration need, we can offer our customers a wide variety of options and configurations. The simple answer is that we harness the best technologies and field-proven procedures and fit them to a higher set of standards.

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