Second Nature – SNMT2

Second Nature Medium Temperature CO2 Secondary Refrigeration System


Second Nature Medium-Temperature COSecondary Refrigeration System

SNMT2 medium temperature systems use CO2 as the heat transfer fluid in a secondary coolant system. SNMT2 CO2 secondary refrigeration systems operate exactly like SNLT2 systems but at a temperature suitable for medium-temperature refrigeration. SNMT2 systems are a higher efficiency alternative to secondary systems using glycol.


  • Enhanced refrigerant management
  • Reduces initial refrigerant charge by 60-90% as well as required oil charge
  • Reduces refrigerant leakage rates due to refrigerant pipe reduction
  • Significant reduction in costs associated with refrigerant leaks
  • Avoid costly refrigerant retrofits that also impact sales floor activity
  • Helps your store achieve GreenChill certification
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • Enhanced energy and performance
Second Nature Medium Temperature CO2 Secondary Refrigeration System Diagram

Intertek Certification

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