Second Nature – SNMT Glycol


Second Nature Glycol Medium-Temperature Refrigeration System

Second Nature Glycol Medium Temperature (SNMT) refrigeration systems is an advanced technology pioneered by Hillphoenix® that offers significant sustainability benefits when compared to conventional refrigeration technologies. It is the most environmentally friendly medium temperature refrigeration system available in the industry today. Hillphoenix is the leader in sustainable, advanced refrigeration technologies with more than 600 installations since the mid-1990’s.

SNMT systems utilize inhibited glycols as the heat transfer fluid. These glycol products have proven over time to have excellent material compatibility allowing the use of alternate piping materials, including Georg Fischer ABS pipe.

An energy-efficient system, SNMT forms the backbone of our Second Nature low charge, low leak rate refrigeration systems. And since HFC refrigerant is confined to the primary system located in the machine room, the total refrigerant charge and the potential for leaks are greatly reduced. SNMT systems allow for significant reductions in the amounts of copper and HFC refrigerants required, providing sustainability benefits that will pay dividends throughout the life of the system.


  • Enhanced refrigerant management
  • Reduces initial refrigerant charge by 60-90% as well as required oil charge
  • Reduces refrigerant leakage rates due to refrigerant pipe reduction
  • Significant reduction in costs associated with refrigerant leaks
  • Avoid costly refrigerant retrofits that also impact sales floor activity
  • Helps your store achieve GreenChill certification
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • Enhanced energy and performance
Glycol Medium Temperature Refrigeration System Diagram

Intertek Certification

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There are many reasons why Hillphoenix® Refrigeration Systems continues to lead the industry. Why? No matter what the application or the specific refrigeration need, we can offer our customers a wide variety of options and configurations. The simple answer is that we harness the best technologies and field-proven procedures and fit them to a higher set of standards.

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