Close the Case

Blow the doors off energy savings — by putting doors on.

Deli, dairy, meat, produce, beverage cases, any cases open to the air open a store up to a host of problems and inefficiencies. Close The Case solves those problems and improves the merchandising of every open case simply by adding a door to it. Products stay fresher, lighting improves, the whole case environment improves. Close The Case is a comprehensive energy-saving and customer-retaining turnkey program combined.


Close The Case Increases profits.

Close The Case keeps aisles warmer — and keeps customers in the aisle longer. More comfortable aisles mean more comfortable customers — and more spending.

Closed doors keep case temperatures consistent and greatly reduce food spoilage.

Employees spend less time in the aisles — no center mullions makes re-stocking faster and easier.

Spending and profits increase even more with the addition of LED lighting. The Optimax Pro 24 LED system produces eye-catching product illumination that shows off every product in its best light.

Close The Case reduces costs.

Closed cases realize an energy savings of up to 70% compared to open cases. In real world terms, 400’ of cases in a 50,000 sq./ft. supermarket can save up to $38,500 per year.Local utility companies often provide a rebate to reduce your initial investment.

Closed cases increase efficiency and reliability by lowering refrigeration compressor loads by 80% or more. That freed-up capacity can be used for cases in other parts of the store.

The number of defrost cycles is reduced with closed cases. That means less product shrinkage, consistent temperatures and ultimately safer food.

The LED lighting system increases merchandising impact with improved product illumination and is as much as 75% more efficient than the fluorescent lamps it replaces.

Retain more customers and increase shopping satisfaction.

Close The Case updates store appearances to provide a clean, attractive, more positive shopping experience.

Shopping becomes safer by lowering the spread of customer-borne viruses and bacteria.

Don’t worry about interrupted operations. Doors can be installed after hours to minimize store disruptions.

e-CALC adds it up.

Estimate the specific savings for your cases and your store with e-CALC, the proprietary energy calculator from Hillphoenix.

Perform Close the Case calculations for a given case model with and without doors and then compare them.

Know the ROI before you enclose a case.

Compute your calculations for a single case or an entire lineup.

Flexible inputs allow for a wide variety of user-defined variables like electric power rates, local weather data for over 150 cities, lighting duty cycles and much more.