Incentives and Rebates

It pays to be recognized for your efforts.

Though every utility is different, many of them have specific programs in place to reward companies and stores for their efforts to conserve energy and improve on energy consumption. Hillphoenix has the resources and experience in place to help navigate the process and manage as much or as little as is needed by you and your organization.


Get paid for your energy saving efforts.

Many utilities are highly motivated to push energy efficiency. Federal, state, and/or local efficiency mandates encourage utilities to seek opportunities for energy savings. Thus, many utilities offer a myriad of rebates and incentives to energy users to achieve their respective goals.

For supermarkets, rebates are typically available for measures dealing with refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC. Not coincidentally, 90% of a store’s energy usage is comprised of these measures, (with refrigeration making up more than half of a store’s energy usage).

Some utilities pay up to 80% of total project costs. Often this results in simple paybacks of less than a year.

Incentives available by some power companies to supermarkets include but are not limited to low interest or no interest financing through the existing utility bill (often called On-bill Financing). On-bill Financing loans are paid using the energy savings gained through project upgrades.

Hillphoenix Energy Services helps our customers realize their total energy savings potential by providing surveys, analysis, and management of the entire energy upgrade process.

Utilize a Hillphoenix Energy Services feasibility study for any energy savings measure and get an idea of available incentives, eligibility requirements, energy savings, and estimated paybacks.

Leverage the Hillphoenix Energy Services team and The AMS Group to perform store surveys and to provide recommendations for equipment upgrades, replacements, and retrofits for things such as Close the Case, LED lighting upgrades for display cases and the general sales floor, and EC motor change-outs to name a few.

Hillphoenix can manage the rebate and/or incentive process. From preparing application documents and performing all energy calculations to report generation, utility management, and total project management, Hillphoenix can customize a program to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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