LED Lighting Systems

LED systems shine a brighter light on savings.

LED lighting brings improved merchandising opportunities and significant energy savings versus conventional lighting. New high color fidelity LED makes food displays pop even more than traditional fluorescent counterparts while LED for the general sales floor may save more than 33% of a store’s total lighting spend.


LEDs perform better and increase savings.

Hilllphoenix LED light fixtures provide more uniform illumination, with superior color rendering when compared to typical fluorescent systems.

The environment likes LEDs as well. No toxic metals — like the mercury, lead, or phosphors in fluorescents — makes LEDs much more environmentally-friendly.

They’re remarkably energy-efficient. For a typical refrigerated display case, Hillphoenix Clearvoyant or Optimax Pro 24 can save up to 75% in energy costs compared to a fluorescent system. Plus, their low voltage requirements make LEDs much safer for employees and customers alike.

Low profile installation and flicker-free performance (cold environments have no effect on LEDs) are improvements customers won’t even see — but they’ll certainly appreciate.

High color fidelity LED lighting for general sales floor applications and specialty merchandising not only provides enhanced displays and better general lighting, but also may save 40% or more in total lighting energy.

LED systems last much longer than fluorescent and have a rated life of 50,000 hours.

Available in 4000K, 3500K and 3000K CCT colors. 

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