Partners in Sustainability

Finally, retailers have an easier way to pursue energy savings and compliance.

The AMS Group makes it easy for you to enter in the discussion pertaining to energy savings and the pursuit for more sustainable alternatives. The sustainable trend has been growing for years with companies and their customers becoming more aware of their economic, environmental and social responsibilities. Consumers make buying decisions based on sustainability considerations.


Many are adapting their lifestyles and consumption habits in pursuit of a ‘more sustainable’ life. And they are asking questions: How sustainable are the products I’m buying? How sustainable is the company that provides them? More importantly, where do consumers make more purchasing decisions than in the supermarket? Clearly, with the grocery sector as competitive as it is, sustainability can be a powerful brand builder and even provide a competitive edge for the savvy retailer. By providing a comprehensive program of energy-saving upgrades and the paths to implement them, The AMS Group is ideally situated to become a partner in those efforts.

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