Refrigeration accounts for fully 50% of a supermarket’s total energy costs, with 30- 40% of that directly related to compressor run time. It’s easy to see how small fluctuations in compressor loads — up or down — can really affect total energy consumption. Moisture collecting on the doors of refrigerated (MT) cases and freezers (LT) can increase refrigerator loads and even lead to coils icing up, a major maintenance headache.  The solution to reducing moisture on case doors is relatively simple. Monitor the dew point outside the case and keep frame and glass temperatures above it. Anti-sweat controllers are the solution.


SweatMiser is easy to use and easy to install.

Typical anti-sweat controllers use various dip switch configurations that require specific knowledge to operate. Only SweatMiser has a simple user interface design utilizing easy-to-navigate push buttons.

SweatMiser may be remotely mounted and can control multiple lineups, eliminating the costly labor to install controllers in each display case.

SweatMiser has both remote savings display and sensor failure alarm assuring store personnel of proper system operation.

Many utilities have approved SweatMiser as an energy savings measure qualifying it for applicable rebates. Simple paybacks of less than one year are possible depending on store configuration, location, energy costs and available incentives.

SweatMiser is compatible with most EMS controllers via 5 VDC signal, allowing remote operation and monitoring.

SweatMiser anti-sweat controllers use reliable solid-state relays to pulse current that maintains surface temperatures above the dewpoint which minimizes energy consumption. 

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