Food Retail Display Cases

Hillphoenix supermarket food retail display cases are designed for maximum merchandising flexibility.

Easy product access and compelling aesthetics create a superior shopper experience where the food is the main focus. Behind the scenes, Hillphoenix supermarket merchandising display cases feature industry-leading, energy-efficient refrigeration and lighting technologies. From meat and seafood to prepared food destination centers, there’s a Hillphoenix case for every application.

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Display Cases
Ice Rink CO2 System

HCFC-22 is frequently used as a refrigerant in ice rinks. Starting on January 1, 2020, U.S. production and import of HCFC-22 will end, so ice rinks across North America will be looking for opportunities to “future-proof” their facilities by moving to natural refrigerants.

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Industrial Advansor CO2

Industrial Refrigeration systems have traditionally relied upon two refrigeration coolant technologies for decades. Ammonia has been the de facto standard for very large systems. Synthetic halocarbon refrigerants – in use since the 1920s – account for the rest. Regulations put in place to control the usage of both—ammonia for its safety issues and the synthetics for their ozone depletion and global warming concerns – have made the two coolant technologies extremely problematic.

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Industrial Chillers

In the mid-1990s, Hillphoenix introduced one of the first refrigeration technologies to reduce global warming emissions, and we continue to move sustainable refrigerants’ technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

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Industrial CO2 Cascade

The Hillphoenix industrial, CO2, cascade refrigeration system combines one of nature’s most abundant elements — CO2 — with a secondary coolant of choice (ammonia, glycol, HFC, etc.) in a parallel rack design that increases redundant capacity and refrigeration system availability.

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Industrial Mechanical Centers

Hillphoenix® makes sure you get nothing short of the best-designed, best-built, industrial refrigeration mechanical centers possible. Our proven “work cell” manufacturing process provides incomparable quality control backed by highly trained technicians and rigorous point-by-point inspections.

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