Food Retail Display Cases

Hillphoenix supermarket food retail display cases are designed for maximum merchandising flexibility.

Easy product access and compelling aesthetics create a superior shopper experience where the food is the main focus. Behind the scenes, Hillphoenix supermarket merchandising display cases feature industry-leading, energy-efficient refrigeration and lighting technologies. From meat and seafood to prepared food destination centers, there’s a Hillphoenix case for every application.

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Display Cases

Traditional supermarkets, mass merchandisers and warehouse membership retailers are reducing their footprints to reduce bottom line costs even as small format stores are getting larger to answer customer demand. The answer in every case points to the increased flexibility and integrated design of AdaptaPak distributed outdoor refrigeration system.

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AdaptaPak SFC

A Hillphoenix AdaptaPak™ Distributed System features a clean, low-height design to minimize rooftop visibility. It shares suction, discharge and integrated condenser across several compressors, and as a result, compressor capacity can be varied to match the required loads — a much more efficient design compared to single-unit installations.

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Distributed Refrigeration Systems

Traditional supermarkets, mass merchandisers and warehouse membership retailers are reducing their footprints to reduce their bottom line costs. At the same time, small format stores are getting larger to answer customer demand. These current trends have important implications.

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Industrial Enclosures

Our Industrial Enclosures provide the solution for dedicated or multi-use refrigeration system and power system enclosures that stand the test of time.

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Parallel Systems – PS Rack

PS (Parallel Systems ) Rack™ from Hillphoenix® is a completely self-contained, packaged, indoor, parallel refrigeration system that centralizes refrigeration controls and mechanical system to work within critical space constraints. With onboard receivers, compressor controls, and integrated piping, PS Racks can be customized by our team of refrigeration engineering experts to match a wide range of requirements, no matter the application. PS Rack systems are delivered with all essential controls, wiring and refrigeration piping factory-installed. It is ideally suited for machine, utility or equipment rooms. PS Rack systems are an ideal solution for large capacity, whole-store, refrigeration applications.

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ParaTemp® parallel refrigeration systems are typically installed outdoors and have the condenser located on top of the unit. By being placed on either the rooftop or behind a building, ParaTemp saves customers space while at the same time providing some, or all, the capability for which a conventional system located in a machine room or mechanical center would otherwise need. This is accomplished by containing all the critical components of a conventional system in a compact, weatherproof enclosure.

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Second Nature – Advansor CO2

The Advansor CO2 display case refrigeration system is an HFC-free refrigeration alternative that utilizes carbon dioxide as the only refrigerant in the system. Supermarkets, grocery stores, small format and large format food retailers can take advantage of the inherent benefits of CO2 and combine them with those of other Second Nature systems – reducing direct refrigerant emissions to the lowest level possible.

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Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

The Second Nature AdvansorFlex CO2 refrigeration system offers retailers of all sizes the leading-edge technology of its larger format predecessor — in a smaller format. Its name says it well — it’s flexible.

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Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

The Second Nature Advansorflex-Mini CO2 refrigeration system is perfect for small format retail stores, partial remodels, store with distributed refrigeration systems. A GWP of 1 and ODP of 0 makes this system a future proof solution for refrigeration regulations.

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Second Nature – SNLT2 CO2

Second Nature® low-temperature (SNLT2), secondary coolant refrigeration systems utilize CO2 as the heat transfer fluid. Since CO2 has excellent thermodynamic and transport properties, the CO2 secondary refrigerant removes heat from display cases and walk-in freezers via copper piping that is significantly smaller than what is typically required in traditional, direct expansion (DX) systems. And, since HFC refrigerant is confined to the primary system located in the machine room, the total refrigerant charge and the potential for leaks are greatly reduced. SNLT2 systems allow for significant reductions in the amounts of copper and HFC refrigerants required, providing sustainability benefits that will pay dividends throughout the life of the system.

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Second Nature – SNLTX2 CO2

SNLTX2 CO2 direct expansion, cascade refrigeration systems utilize CO2 as a low-temperature, direct expansion (DX) refrigerant in a cascade system. The CO2 removes heat from display cases and walk-in freezers via copper piping that is also significantly smaller than what is typically required in traditional HFC-based, direct expansion systems, and even smaller than in our SNLT2 secondary systems. The upper cascade (primary system) is a medium-temperature refrigeration system.

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Second Nature – SNMT Glycol

Second Nature glycol, medium-temperature (SNMT) refrigeration system is an advanced technology, pioneered by Hillphoenix®, that offers significant sustainability benefits when compared to conventional refrigeration technologies.

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Second Nature – SNMT2 CO2

SNMT2 medium-temperature systems use CO2 as the heat transfer fluid in a secondary coolant system. SNMT2 CO2 secondary refrigeration systems operate exactly like SNLT2 systems but at a temperature suitable for medium-temperature refrigeration. SNMT2 systems are a higher efficiency alternative to secondary systems using glycol.

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Second Nature – SNMT2LX CO2

Second Nature medium-temperature secondary with CO2 low-temperature cascade system. Sharing a common, medium-temperature primary system, the SNMT2LX system combines a CO2 medium-temperature secondary system (SNMT2) with a CO2 low-temperature cascade system (SNLTX2) to further reduce refrigerant charge and consolidate duplicate components. Evaporator control uses Hillphoenix SmartValve™ technology with electronic expansion valves (EEV) on low-temperature and simple solenoid valve control on medium-temperature.

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WeatherPac™ distributed refrigeration systems are completely self-contained, outdoor enclosures that are custom-designed to accommodate space requirements and free up inside floor space.

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