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Infinity 090 Swing Doors


Infinity 090 Swing Doors have double pane, energy efficient glass with a slim infinity edge for a contemporary all-glass look.


  • Slim 0.90 Infinity border
  • Double-pane Low-E glass
  • Easy-opening door with hold-open door stop for product access
  • Electrical hingepin for easy installation and maintenance

Available in black, gray, or custom colors

Vista B Swing Doors


Enhance product visibility with Vista B display doors. The thin, all-glass doors create the feel of no barrier and easy product access. Vista B doors are available in single or double-door sets.


  • Durable single-pane all-glass doors for maximum product visibility
  • Heated, laminated glass prevents condensation
  • Easy-opening door with hold-open door stop for product access
  • No center mullion makes restocking faster
  • Electrical hingepin for easy installation and maintenance
  • Reversible left / right swing
Vista C Swing Doors


Vista C is the ultimate display case door on the market – combining energy efficiency, product visibility, and ease of use. Available in single or double-door sets.


  • Double-pane, low emissivity (Low-E) energy-efficient glass
  • Easy-opening door with hold-open door stop for product access
  • No center mullion makes restocking faster
  • Electrical hingepin for easy installation and maintenance
  • Reversible left / right swing
Slide Lids for Island Cases


Save up to 50% in energy costs when you close your island display cases. Slide lids provide a more comfortable shopping experience, which encourages customers to linger longer in the aisles. Plus, the consistent low display case temperature increases food safety and reduces product shrink.


  • Low-E energy-efficient glass
  • NSF certified
  • Consistent product temperature from top to bottom
  • Models to fit wide or narrow islands, centers or ends, and single-deck wall cases

Available in black or gray


We handle your Close The Case project from start to finish


The AMS Group will partner with you to close refrigerated and freezer display cases for a single-store location or a nationwide rollout. There’s no need to hire multiple vendors, because we manage the process from inception to completion.

Manufacturing all products and parts in-house allows us to control product quality, accuracy and deadlines. We are committed to complete client satisfaction, and the results prove it — more than 75% of our business comes from repeat clients.

We manage turn-key new installations, retrofits, renovations, and remodels with minimal store disruption. Most work is done at night, and our Close The Case team will be off the floor no later than 7 AM. With over 50 years of dependability and industry-best safety practices, you can depend on The AMS Group to for top-quality Close The Case products and on-time, on-budget project completion.

Contact The AMS Group today to learn more about our Close The Case process!

Close The Case Process: The AMS Group handles all Close The Case project management, staffing, and logistics:


1 In-Store Survey
Identifies project need and requirements.
2 Detailed Quote
Based on survey information, we determine the project scope and pricing that best fits your needs.
3 Parts Manufacturing
The AMS Group's unmatched production capability delivers custom-made parts in as little as 2 weeks.
4 Assembly
The AMS Group pre-assembles and pre-tests all frames and parts before shipping to ensure a fast and quality in-store installation.
5 Pre-Installation Survey
On-site walk-through identifies broken parts and damaged cases, and secures the work environment.
6 Parts Removal
Old case parts and lighting are removed from the work site. Photos will document the removal and installation process.
7 Just-In-Time Delivery and Staging
New Close The Case products are delivered to your store on installation day and staged in the proper areas.
8 Installation
New headers, handrails, nose rails, and frames are installed first, followed by LED lighting and frame wiring, then display case doors.
9 Closeout
After installation is complete, we thoroughly clean cases and work areas, take completion photos, and recycle old material.
10 Inspection and Approval
We perform a post-installation inspection with the Manager-on-Duty, resolve any concerns, and get final approval.

The AMS Group

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Close the Case2

By closing your display cases and adding LED lights, you can cut energy costs as much as 65% — giving your cases a fresh look while extending the shelf life of products.

We can customize our doors to your existing cases – so we’re able to give you a perfect fit no matter what the brand or size you have in your stores. In this process, we often raise the canopy – increasing the door opening by several inches and visible merchandising space compared to the competition. All Anthony swing doors, slide lids and LED lights are the highest quality in the industry and known around the world for dependability.

What’s more, we install after hours so there are no interruptions to bother customers or employees. And, we do the work quickly – so you can start saving immediately.

Because there are no more chills, you’ll also make walking the aisles a lot more comfortable for customers. Research shows that more comfortable shoppers buy more products.


Close up your dairy, beverage and multi–deck cases and start enjoying the savings and a more comfortable store! You’ll also be able to tout your stores’ new “green” approach to refrigeration and attract this growing consumer segment.



Close The Case Overview


Close The Case Installation


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