Protect against costly operational disruption during power and service events with ChargeSecure™

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Peace of Mind That Your Store Is Safeguarded

Maintaining charge on your CO2 refrigeration system during power outages or service events is critical. You can enjoy uninterrupted cooling when you need it most with ChargeSecure™, a charge preservation solution that gives you peace of mind that your Hillphoenix CO2 refrigeration system will maintain a charge even when the power goes out.

How It Works

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Power supply is interrupted, due to power failure or servicing event

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ChargeSecure™ maintains CO2 pressure in the flash tank when pressure exceeds a predefined threshold

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When power comes back on, the rack can start immediately – no need to wait for recharging

Why Do You Need ChargeSecure™?

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Protects against costly operational disruption and food waste

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Requires far less horsepower than a back-up generator

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Natural refrigerant based environmentally friendly solution

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You don't need to wait to recharge your CO2 system, which helps you minimize downtime

How Hillphoenix Makes It Easy for You

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Integrated with refrigeration racks for easy installation

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Simple plug-and-play for fast, easy retrofits

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A single refrigerant (CO2) that is a sustainable option

Have Questions About ChargeSecure™?

Hillphoenix is the industry leader in natural refrigerants and ChargeSecure™ is our latest innovation. If you have any questions about ChargeSecure™, click on the button below, fill out the form, and an experienced Hillphoenix team member will reach out to you shortly.

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Be Protected Against What If?

A proven technology in use at installations around the world, ChargeSecure™ is an ideal option for any food retailer – from large supermarkets to smaller convenience or independent stores and everything in-between.

ChargeSecure Product Image
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