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Big or Small, We Do It All!

Got an industrial job to do? The AMS Group has the experience, resources and know-how to service a wide spectrum of customer needs ranging from commercial and retail operations to small or large industrial applications. Our dedicated team designs, engineers, installs and commissions custom systems to meet critical process requirements for production, processing, packaging, freezing, and storage applications serving customers in the Cold Storage, Distribution Centers, Food Banks, Food Processing and Biopharmaceutical industries. We work closely with the customer to incorporate premier build concepts that provide the most optimum usage and acquired value of their allocated budget.

Why try to run herd over a combination of the contractor and separate subcontractors when you can have a single-point of contact to design and build the solution you need based on the specifics of your facility and your exact requirements?

We’re on Top of the Game!

The AMS Group Refrigeration Design BuildAMS Industrial Design Build RefrigerationThe AMS Group specializes in new refrigeration technologies that will modernize your process while reducing equipment space requirements, reducing piping requirements and lowering power consumption.

Get your project off to the right start by having the AMS Group team perform a comprehensive survey and needs assessment for you.Draw on the expertise and experience of this industry-leading team of professionals to assure you achieve all your project’s objectives and goals in the best possible fashion.

Through expert management of the bid control process and by leveraging their corporate purchasing power as an operating company of the Dover Group, The AMS Group strives to achieve the highest value at the lowest cost.

The AMS Group has all the capabilities to optimize mission-critical system performance, including energy setpoints, without affecting the integrity of temperature-sensitive products.

The AMS team utilizes a nationwide network of Hillphoenix dealers and subcontractors for installation. AMS provides on-site project management with electronic reporting and monitoring of installation and post-installation activities. Start-up and commissioning are performed by factory-trained techs.

The AMS Group Industrial Refrigeration

The AMS Group Is the Answer for You!

So, if you’re looking for the right team to bring about everything it is that you wish and hope for in your industrial refrigeration project, look no further — The AMS Group is the answer for you!