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One Call Does It All!

There’s nothing worse than having to play the “he said, she said” game with multiple suppliers when you’re in the middle of trying to complete a project with major implications to the future viability of your business.

A single-store refrigeration upgrade or new install is complicated enough. Add a multi-store component and the difficulties grow exponentially. In-store operations must be handled to minimize downtime.

Considerations must be given to factors such as:

  • Scheduling is critical and resource constraints are real.
  • Demo work will need to be carried out.
  • Concrete work may be required.
  • Plumbing or electrical might need upgrades or alterations.

The Ultimate Turnkey Answer to Your Project Needs

That said, refrigeration itself is a complex business and only a team well versed in all these complexities can simplify the process and provide the most efficient turnkey service.  The AMS Group™ is the ultimate turnkey organization for today’s aftermarket refrigeration solutions. That means a no-hassle, “one call and it’s done” convenience unmatched by any other company in the marketplace.

Dramatically reduce operating costs and take the worry out of how to accomplish critical business objectives with less money and fewer resources.

HP-AMS Group’s dedicated team is designed to work in parallel with the customer’s team allowing the customer to utilize their internal resources better and more efficiently. The project can be as simple as complying with new branding guidelines with painting and décor, adding LED lighting or SweatMiser units to existing displays, or as complicated as a complete remodel and redesign involving refrigeration, HVAC and general contracting capabilities. From the beginning phone call to the final installation, The AMS Group has the resources, the manpower and the unique skills to get it done.

Even then the job’s not over. For those clients who request it, The AMS Group will follow through after installation to acquire whatever rebates and incentives the utility company has available. The job’s not over until the incentives are received.

The AMS Group Turnkey Solutions

A Wide Variety of Services Provided

The AMS Group offers a broad variety of retail refrigeration solutions, including:

  • Refrigerant conversions.
  • Roll-outs and programs.
  • New stores and remodels.
  • Capital expenditure GC services.
  • Commissioning / recommissioning.
  • Refrigeration refurbishments.

Team Structure, Dealer & Sub-Contractor Network

The AMS Group Coverage

Being a true “one-stop shop” demands providing the full gamut of services. The AMS Group fulfills this requirement in the fullest by providing:

  • Statement of Work (SOW) Development – Working in collaboration with customers to develop program/project specific scopes of work for clarification of responsibilities.
  • Survey/Scoping – Site visit performed to thoroughly capture all existing refrigeration equipment, components and conditions for Engineering review.
  • Engineering – Updating RS legends – create as-built refrigeration schedule, refrigeration floor plan and EMS system layout. Identify refrigeration system options for expansion projects and/or equipment replacement.
  • Project Scheduling – Coordinating to maximize logistical requirements, efficiency with contractors, time of year and multi-project sequencing.
  • Bid Process Control – Price Coaching – Manage RFP distribution, review contractor bids, validate pricing based on SOW, and coach where necessary.
  • RC Selection & Contract – Award/secure teams for project execution. Uphold contractor/project tax requirements and contractor contractual management. Provide project training for contractors.
  • Equipment/Parts Procurement – Maximize vendor relationships and leverage volume purchasing to provide discounted price points. Coordinate purchases and distribution for each project.
  • On Site Project Management – Qualified project manager supervisory presence during critical stages and key milestones of each project.
  • Project Reporting & Monitoring – Detailed progress/status reporting for up-to-date visibility.
  • Store Re-Commissioning – Balancing systems and setting temperatures to design specifications improves overall efficiency and operations.
  • Close out Paperwork – Completion checklists and sign-off documents, including photo verification where applicable.
  • One Stop Accounting – With Hillphoenix as a single partner, customers’ involvement with typical internal processes and efforts is reduced. Issuing multiple PO’s for vendors, suppliers or equipment is minimized.

Look No Further!

So, if you’re looking for a “one-stop shop”, turnkey solution to your all-important business project or program, look no further — The AMS Group is your answer! Let their experience and successful track record of projects, big and small, bring value and peace of mind to you.