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If you’re in the business of selling food, you’re in the right place. Hillphoenix is a leading manufacturer of Display Cases, Specialty Products, Refrigeration Systems, Power Systems and Comprehensive Services. We serve the Supermarket, Convenience Store, Dollar Discount Store, Drug Store, Food Service, Mass Merchandiser, Membership and Warehouse food retail segments.

Not in the food retail industry? Learn more about our commercial refrigeration and industrial refrigeration solutions for cold storage, food processing, biopharmaceuticals and ice rinks. We also offer power systems for non-food retailers, convenience stores, hospitality, restaurants, industrial and distribution centers.

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Display Case Merchandisers for Food Retailer
The Industry Leader in Retail and Commercial Refrigeration Technology
Integrated Electrical Power Systems for Industrial and Commercial Applications
The AMS Group Retail Energy Services Consulting & Engineering: Supermarket Retrofits and Energy Efficiency Improvement



Merchandising effectiveness through doors and intelligent merchandising technologies.

Campbell's New Refrigeration Flavor - CO2

The food giant has added cascade and transcritical COtechnology to the mix.

The Fresh Case Revolution

Join the revolution on May 1-2, 2019 in Charlotte.

What Makes the OWIZV Island so Great

Wide islands with Increased Capacity

Industrial Refrigeration and Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Hillphoenix provides industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration solutions for retail and commercial businesses in multiple industry sectors.

Industrial Cold Storage: Our industrial refrigeration systems are designed to meet the needs of cold storage warehouses, distribution centers and other large footprint facilities, utilizing the the latest in sustainable refrigeration technologies and environmentally safe coolants, including ammonia, glycol and CO2.

Food Processing Refrigeration: Hillphoenix food processing refrigeration systems solve the cooling challenges of food preservation, food safety, food integrity and more. Our food processing refrigeration is cost effective, energy efficient and is available in environmentally safe refrigerants.

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