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If you’re in the business of selling food, you’re in the right place. Hillphoenix is a leading manufacturer of Display Cases, Specialty Products, Refrigeration Systems, Power Systems and Comprehensive Services. We serve the Supermarket, Convenience Store, Dollar Discount Store, Drug Store, Food Service, Mass Merchandiser, Membership and Warehouse food retail segments.

Not in the food retail industry? Learn more about our commercial refrigeration and industrial refrigeration solutions for cold storage, food processing, biopharmaceuticals and ice rinks. We also offer power systems for non-food retailers, convenience stores, hospitality, restaurants, industrial and distribution centers.

Display Case Merchandisers for Food Retailer
The Industry Leader in Retail and Commercial Refrigeration Technology
Integrated Electrical Power Systems for Industrial and Commercial Applications
The AMS Group Retail Energy Services Consulting & Engineering: Supermarket Retrofits and Energy Efficiency Improvement

Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

Hillphoenix provides custom industrial refrigeration systems to meet critical process requirements for production, processing, packaging, freezing, and storage applications in the Cold Storage, Food Processing, Biopharmaceuticals, and Ice Rink industries. Commercial and industrial refrigeration systems designed and produced by Hillphoenix ensure the integrity of the cold supply chain with innovative traditional and sustainable refrigeration solutions and have handled refrigeration applications as big as one-quarter of a million square feet.

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Industrial Refrigeration Solutions from Hillphoenix
Commercial Refrigeration Solutions from Hillphoenix

Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Our food retail commercial refrigeration systems and merchandising display cases are designed to maintain the highest standards in food quality and safety as well as providing retailers with the flexibility and customization options to create the best customer shopping and retail merchandising experiences. Our wide range of retail commercial refrigeration and merchandising solutions utilize industry-leading energy efficient refrigeration and lighting technologies and are designed with our customers’ needs in mind.

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Sustainable Refrigeration Systems

Hillphoenix leads the commercial refrigeration industry in the advancement of eco-friendly, sustainable refrigeration systems utilizing alternative refrigerants such as CO2 refrigeration, glycol refrigeration and ammonia refrigeration systems. Our award-winning Second Nature® line of sustainable refrigeration solutions provide the next generation energy solutions that you will need to be competitive in the future and provide the highest standards in product safety and custom cooling applications. We also offer sustainable refrigeration solutions to the industrial market and they include CO2 and an ultra-low charge ammonia system.

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Sustainable Refrigerants and Alternative Refrigeration Systems
Industrial Power Solutions from Hillphoenix

Industrial Power Solutions

We offer industrial power systems and solutions for supermarkets and large retail centers, non-food retailers, convenience stores, hospitality, restaurants, industrial and distribution centers. Our power systems include indoor and outdoor units, emergency power systems and generators, open and parallel rack systems, distributed power systems, and more. We design, manufacture, install and maintain all of our industrial power systems and products.

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Retail Display Cases and Merchandisers

Hillphoenix supermarket food retail display cases are designed for maximum merchandising flexibility, utilize industry-leading energy efficient refrigeration and lighting technologies, and are fully customizable for any food merchandising configuration: supermarkets and grocery stores, convenience stores, dollar discount stores, drug stores, food service retailers, mass merchandisers, membership stores, and warehouses. Grocery display cases for beverage, dairy, deli, meat and seafood, dessert, frozen foods, produce, pre-prepared and hot foods, salad and specialty bars, floral and more.

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Retail Display Cases and Food Retail Merchandisers
Small format refrigeration and power systems solutions from Hillphoenix

Small Format Refrigeration and Power

Hillphoenix provides custom solutions for small format retail stores and foodservice locations including convenience stores, dollar and drug stores and small specialty shops. We have a variety of retail merchandising display cases and coolers specifically designed for small format spaces, and we provide power systems and refrigeration for small footprint businesses including indoor and outdoor power and refrigeration units, emergency power systems and generators, and more.

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Industrial Refrigeration and Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Hillphoenix provides industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration solutions for retail and commercial businesses in multiple industry sectors.

Industrial Cold Storage: Our industrial refrigeration systems are designed to meet the needs of cold storage warehouses, distribution centers and other large footprint facilities, utilizing the the latest in sustainable refrigeration technologies and environmentally safe coolants, including ammonia, glycol and CO2.

Food Processing Refrigeration: Hillphoenix food processing refrigeration systems solve the cooling challenges of food preservation, food safety, food integrity and more. Our food processing refrigeration is cost effective, energy efficient and is available in environmentally safe refrigerants.

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