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Sleep Well at Night … We’ve Got This!

“Trust is a must!” … a saying that you undoubtedly have heard many times before, takes on a new meaning when it comes to choosing a contractor to head up your new construction or remodel project. You’ve got one shot to make it right and your critical business objectives depend on you making the right decision. While there’s no shortage of contractors out there, finding one who does the highest quality work with a proven track record can be challenging.

Likewise, for your existing facilities with refrigeration systems and equipment, entrusting your service needs is a matter demanding careful consideration. Keeping your operation running smoothly without any interruptions is of paramount importance in achieving your bottom-line objectives.

Choosing The AMS Group lightens your load by eliminating these concerns. The AMS Group has amassed an unmatched track record of customer service with results achieved over the past several decades. Over 100 highly trained technicians, with strong back-up from Hillphoenix equipment manufacturing and design support staff, have serviced customers’ refrigeration needs 7 X 24 X 365 in a world-class fashion over that same lengthy period of time.

The AMS Group construction and service offerings are available in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. AMS operates under the following licenses in the state of Arizona – ROC 255762, ROC 255764, ROC 255763, ROC 255766, ROC 255765.

The AMS Group

Here’s just a few examples of how The AMS Group can bring you value:

Refrigeration Construction

  • Turnkey new construction
  • Installation remodels
  • Refrigerant conversions
  • Electrical/final terminations
  • EMS installation and support

Refrigeration Service

  • Service contracts and Troubleshoot & Maintenance repair
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • EMS repair and support
  • Emergency service