Second Nature - Advansor CO2

CO2 Transcritical Booster System for Display Case Refrigeration

The Advansor CO2 display case refrigeration system is an HFC-free refrigeration alternative that utilizes carbon dioxide as the only refrigerant in the system. Supermarkets, grocery stores, small format and large format food retailers can take advantage of the inherent benefits of CO2 and combine them with those of other Second Nature systems – reducing direct refrigerant emissions to the lowest level possible.

  • Air-cooled gas cooler with variable-speed fans.
  • Electronic-controlled, high-pressure control valve and flash gas bypass valve ensure optimal performance at all ambient conditions.
  • Simple electronic oil management system ensures adequate lubrication and long compressor life.
  • A suction accumulator and heat exchanger protect low-temperature system from liquid flood-back.
  • CO2 reciprocating compressors for both low- and medium-temperature loads have proven themselves in thousands of installations worldwide.
  • Specially-designed evaporator coils for CO2 direct expansion operation provide good oil return back to the system.
  • Electronic expansion valves on all evaporators ensure efficient coil operation.
  • It’s an HFC-free system – CO2 (R-744) is the only refrigerant used.
  • CO2 is a “natural refrigerant” that is non-ozone-depleting (ODP=0) with almost no global warming potential (GWP=1).
  • CO2 transcritical systems have proven themselves in thousands of installations throughout Europe.
  • Advansor technology has over 2000 installations and counting.
  • The system’s higher quality heat reclaim opportunities improve store energy performance.
  • Advansor systems require a lower CO2 charge and have a smaller weight and footprint compared to CO2 secondary systems.
  • More efficient than conventional HFC systems in some climates.
  • An excellent way to help achieve GreenChill Platinum-Level Certification.

CO2 System Diagram

Advansor CO2 (R-744) Booster Systems Pressure-Enthalpy Diagram

Please consult Hillphoenix Engineering Reference Manual for dimensions, plan views and technical specifications. Specifications subject to change without notice. Designed for optimal performance in store environments where temperature and humidity do not exceed 75°F and 55% R.H. Certified to UL 471, ANSI/NSF Standard 2,7,51 and CAN/CSA C22.2.

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