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Self-Service Multi-Deck



The CF-FS SFC Self-Service, Multi-Deck, Medium-Temperature, General Merchandiser comes in 3′ and 4′ lengths. This attractive and durable display case is a perfect addition to any small format store.

Fast Facts

  • Standard LED lighting, combined with the flexibility of adjustable shelves, provides a superior product visibility design, allowing the customer to see the product at a distance while always keeping it in the refrigerated zone at the desired NSF temperature.
  • Built-in, rear condenser chimney exhaust with standard, heavy-duty casters provides flexibility in placement of the display case and improved shopper comfort with heat released from the top of the chimney.
  • Easy-to-remove, painted or stainless metal interior parts ensure ease of case cleaning, piece-by-piece without tools, for improved food safety, reduced labor costs and a sanitary environment ready to be merchandised.


*Product images may include additional options.

Paint Color Chart

Display cases are offered in various colors. Use the paint color chart below to view the available colors.

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Paint colors and textures on screen may vary when compared to physical color samples.


Base Model Features

  • Available lengths – 3’ and 4’.
  • Case dimensions: 78”H x 33”D (without bumper).
  • Black painted metal exterior.
  • Black painted metal outside back panel and canopy top .
  • Solid end panels with mirror-polished, stainless steel interior.
  • Stainless steel exterior trim and base trim.
  • Matte black, painted metal interior and trim.
  • 4 rows of LED Clearvoyant® 4 3000K lighted, adjustable 10”, 14”, and 16” shelves with tilt of 0°, 5° and 15°.
  • Aluminum price tag molding with 1/2” integrated product stop.
  • 5-1/2” dieboard plex.
  • 1 row LED Clearvoyant 4 3000K cornice light.
  • Recessed casters.
  • Main power switch and on/off light switch.
  • Solar digital thermometer.
  • Refrigeration:
    – Plug-and-play, self-contained refrigerant.
    – High-efficiency fan motors.
    – Digital temperature control with automatic defrost.
    – Condenser intake, front-to-top exhaust airflow with built-in, closed rear chimney.
    – Stainless steel mesh, removable condenser filter.
  • Conforms to UL Standard 471, NSF Standard 7 and CAN/CSA C22.2.

Available Options

  • Exterior finish options: Stainless steel, additional paint colors and laminate.
  • Interior finish: Painted to match exterior or stainless steel.
  • 1” bumper on front panel of case and mounted on bottom of front panel.
  • 1” bumper added to end panels.
  • LED lighting color: 3500K.
  • Retractable night curtain with or without locking feature.
  • Lockable polycarbonate night cover.
  • Integrated under shelf peg bars.
  • Transparent end panels with either insulated glass or plex insert.
  • Sled runner base with leveling pads.
  • Lift gate shipping option.

CF-FS Self-Service Multi-Deck Medium Temperature General Merchandiser Profile

Please consult Hillphoenix Engineering Reference Manual for dimensions, plan views and technical specifications. Designed for optimal performance in store environments where temperatures and humidity do not exceed 75F and 55% R.H.

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