HVI-3-304S-EC, HVI-3-305S-EC, HVI-3-406S-EC (SFC)

Self-Service, Open Multi-Deck

HVI-3-304S-EC, HVI-3-305S-EC, HVI-3-406S-EC (SFC)

HVI-3-304S-EC, HVI-3-305S-EC, HVI-3-406S-EC (SFC)

Hillphoenix HVI-3-304S-EC, HVI-3-305S-EC, HVI-3-406S-EC-SFC Multi-Deck, Self-Service, Refrigerated Island Display. Designed for grab-n-go bakery, deli, produce, beverage and dairy applications with one end cap. Available with two rows of airflow shelving with self-contained refrigeration.

Fast Facts

  • Airflow shelving creates multiple air curtains.
  • Case is designed for product to be held at 41° F or below.
  • Improved product integrity and shelf life increases sales.
  • High-efficiency fan motor with oversized condenser coil easily handles adverse conditions a standard fan cannot.
  • Fully balanced fan motor provides super-quiet operation.
  • Reduced energy consumption saves energy and energy costs.
  • Clearvoyant 4 LED lighting has 360° adjustment, frosted lens and a variety of color temperatures
  • Eliminate shadows and add “pop” to specialty items.
  • Improved product presentation improves product sales.
  • NEMA locking plug included with casters.


*Product images may include additional options.


HVI-3-305S-EC radius end cap with standard black finish.


HVI-3-305S-EC curved end cap with optional cherry wood laminate. See below for additional laminates. 

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    Paint Color Chart

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    HVI-3-304S-EC, HVI-3-305S-EC, and HVI-3-406S-EC

    Base Model Features

    • Case dimensions without casters:
      – HVI-3-304S-EC: 61-7/8”H, 36”D, 48”W.
      – HVI-3-305S-EC: 61-7/8”H, 36”D, 60”W.
      – HVI-3-406S-EC: 61-7/8”H, 48”D, 72”W.
    • One full radius end cap.
    • Case top: Deep Night Sky solid surface.
    • Exterior: Powder-coated, gloss black metal.
    • Base trim: Powder-coated to match exterior.
    • Interior: Powder-coated, matte black metal with matching trim.
    • Clearvoyant® 4 LED cornice and shelf lighting, 3000K.
    • One row of 8” and 10” metal shelves; powder-coated, matte black.
    • Integrated 1/2” product stop on each shelf.
    • Shelves built with airflow chambers for superior product temperature holding capability.
    • 5-1/2” dieboard plex.
    • 2-1/2” product stop on deck shelf.
    • 2 rows of cart bumpers.
    • Standard digital temperature control with automatic defrost.
    • Solar digital thermometer.
    • Energy-efficient, electronic-controlled fan motors.
    • Condenser intake front-to-back exhaust airflow.
    • Intake filter with tool-free access for easy maintenance.
    • Self-contained refrigeration.
    • Electric dissipater pan.
    • 6’ UL cord and NEMA locking plug power connections included.
    • Main power switch and light ON/OFF switches installed.
    • Conforms to UL Standard 471, NSF Standard 7 and CAN/CSA C22.2.

    Available Options

    • Case dimensions with casters:
      – HVI-3-304S-EC: 63-1/2”H, 36”D, 48”W.
      – HVI-3-305S-EC: 63-1/2”H, 36”D, 60”W.
      – HVI-3-406S-EC: 63-1/2” H, 48” D, 72”W.
    • One full curved end.
    • Exterior top and front panel with laminated overlay onto glossy black, powder-coated metal.
    • Black plastic tag molding on shelves.
    • 1-1/2” plex product stop on shelves.
    • Lift gate shipping option.
    • NEMA locking plug included with casters.

    Designed for optimal performance in store environments where temperatures and humidity do not exceed 75F and 55% R.H.

    HVI-3-304S-EC and HVI-3-305S-EC

    Designed for optimal performance in store environments where temperatures and humidity do not exceed 75F and 55% R.H.


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