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Ice Rink CO2 System

Advansor CO2 refrigeration systems for industrial applications

CO2 is today’s best solution. This is a future-proof solution – meaning this choice will last well into the future.

HCFC-22 is frequently used as a refrigerant in ice rinks. Starting on January 1, 2020, U.S. production and import of HCFC-22 will end, so ice rinks across North America will be looking for opportunities to “future-proof” their facilities by moving to natural refrigerants.

CO2 is an entirely nontoxic, environmentally friendly refrigerant with excellent heat-transfer capabilities that meets every international refrigerant requirement for today and tomorrow.

The Advansor Direct Transcritical CO2 system for ice rinks delivers superior performance — improved ice quality and pump power savings of up to 90% — compared to traditional systems. It’s also environmentally friendly. CO2 is an entirely nontoxic, environmentally safe refrigerant with excellent heat-transfer capabilities. Plus, it’s a fraction of the price of traditional refrigerants.

  • Improve ice quality.
  • Nontoxic and environmentally safe.
  • Cost less than traditional refrigerants.
  • Pump power savings up to 90%.
  • Excess heat is a heat source for entire facility.
  • Excellent heat transfer capabilities.

Systems Components

• Decrease Pump Energy Use

Modern technology Advansor CO2 transcritical cooling systems decrease pump energy (power) requirements up to 90% compared to traditional installations.

• Compact Design and Construction

The system is designed to maximize performance while using a minimum amount of space. The compact design and construction is achieved from years of experience designing, building and optimizing refrigeration systems.

• Virtually Vibration-Free

Virtually vibration-free installations—compressors are fitted with vibration dampers on installation plates welded to solid, rigid base frames.

• Improve Ice Quality

Available frequency converters provide compressor capacity control that improves temperature control and ice quality.

• More Efficient Cooling System & Monitoring

More efficient direct cooling system design and comprehensive monitoring.

Harry J. McDonald Ice Rink Project

“We looked at all the potential, non-Freon refrigerant solutions, but sooner or later, they all were likely to be affected by environmental concerns. We decided CO2 had the most benefits. We’re anticipating energy savings of 25% to 40% when all the results are in.”

John Rodda, Parks & Recreation Director for Anchorage, Alaska

Harry J. McDonald Ice Rink Project

“Hillphoenix was there 24-7 for the complete installation, working side-by-side with our team. They were very helpful in the installation of the entire system.”

Collin Szymanski, President Mantech Mechanical Inc., contractor in charge of the CO2 systems

Sullivan Arena Ice Rink Project

“The ice is excellent — consistent and smooth. It’s just what our players need to maximize their skills.”

Rob Murray, Coach for the Alaska Aces

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