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Industrial CO2 Cascade

Industrial CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System

The Hillphoenix industrial, CO2, cascade refrigeration system combines one of nature’s most abundant elements — CO2 — with a secondary coolant of choice (ammonia, glycol, HFC, etc.) in a parallel rack design that increases redundant capacity and refrigeration system availability.

Hillphoenix has spent years developing and refining the compressor technology employed in the CO2 cascade systems. The compressors are durable and reliable and will deliver long, uninterrupted operation. But when service is required, the parallel rack design has a distinct, built-in advantage.

Multiple compressors linked in parallel eliminate the costly inconvenience of downtime — scheduled or otherwise — because one compressor can be isolated for maintenance while the others in the system pick up the slack by adjusting their output to match load demands. There will be no interruption or degradation of service whatsoever. Maintenance is a breeze and serviceability enhanced when compressors are linked in a parallel rack configuration.

Benefits of CO2 Cascade Refrigeration

Save Energy.

Modern technology Advansor CO2 transcritical cooling systems decrease pump energy (power) requirements up to 90% compared to traditional installations.

Save Space.

Hillphoenix designs its parallel rack systems with integrated power and control enclosures pre-installed, which results in a more compact footprint. As a result, valuable floor space is freed up that can be made available for other uses.

Save Hassle.

Every parallel rack assembly is configured, built, installed and tested at the factory before it is shipped. The system is mounted on a skid and the entire, one-piece assembly is shipped right to the job site without hassles or hiccups.

Multiple Applications.

End users concerned with reducing the overall operating costs, as well as the amounts of refrigerant required by the systems in their cold storage, process cooling, biopharma and ice rink applications, will find that benefits and peace-of-mind go hand-in-hand.

Better Practices Make Better Systems

There are many reasons why Hillphoenix® Refrigeration Systems continues to lead the industry. Why? No matter what the application or the specific refrigeration need, we can offer our customers a wide variety of options and configurations. Learn More
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