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Industrial Mechanical Centers

Completely Self-Contained, Outdoor Mechanical Centers

Hillphoenix® makes sure you get nothing short of the best-designed, best-built, industrial refrigeration mechanical centers possible. Our proven “work cell” manufacturing process provides incomparable quality control backed by highly trained technicians and rigorous point-by-point inspections.

This exacting process guarantees that each component in every unit is manufactured, tested and labeled in strict accordance with E.T.L. (Electrical Testing Laboratories) and C.S.A. (Canadian Standards Association) procedures and requirements. It also gives you the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that all safety and code standards are covered, and your assets protected.

Industrial Refrigeration Mechanical Centers Benefits

Flexibility That Pays Dividends in Time & Money.

Mechanical Centers, by their very nature, give you immediate flexibility as to where you can place your refrigeration system equipment. Now, you can locate your equipment where it makes the most sense – on a slab behind your store, a mezzanine inside, or on the roof — it’s up to you.

Mechanical Centers help you save time as well, because they are delivered complete from the factory — preassembled, piped, wired and tested. Installation is as easy as a simple hookup to your store’s piping and electrical connections. Construction time, and most especially costs, are dramatically reduced.

The flexibility of Mechanical Centers extends beyond just ease-of-installation and location. They can also be configured and outfitted in almost any way necessary to meet your requirements.

Many more options can be specified to equip Hillphoenix Mechanical Centers with an almost limitless variety of features and capabilities.

TAKE Advantage of the Ultimate in Pre-fabricated Mechanical Centers with a Combination Center.

A Combination Center allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of both Mechanical Centers and electrical distribution centers, all in one structure. A combination center can include the following options and more:

  • Main Electrical Switchgear.
  • 460/208/120 volt Distribution Panels.
  • Any variety of lighting control panels.
  • Complete Building Management Systems.
  • Emergency Generators.


Ask your Hillphoenix representative as to how you can utilize a Combination Center in your next project.

Better Practices Make Better Systems

There are many reasons why Hillphoenix® Refrigeration Systems continues to lead the industry. Why? No matter what the application or the specific refrigeration need, we can offer our customers a wide variety of options and configurations. Learn More
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