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Industrial PowerCenter

PowerCenter integrated power systems

Integrated Electrical Systems

PowerCenter™ from Hillphoenix® is your single-source, integrated electrical system for cost-effective, reliable power distribution from project construction to established operation. Consistently manufactured to your exact specifications, PowerCenter is a completely modularized, electrical distribution system in a custom enclosure.

Our interior or exterior units provide all of the key components required to supply and control power, manage and protect networks, and to allow the successful operation of your business. Hillphoenix Power Systems’ vast experience permits us to identify opportunities to reduce your life cycle total cost of ownership as we customize each design.

Industrial PowerCenter

Industrial Integrated Electrical Systems Benefits

Time Is Critical. We’re Finished before You Start.

PowerCenter totally integrated units deliver to the jobsite early in the project, allowing you to reduce your critical path schedule. All of the gear, feeders, and key control components will arrive completely wired and pre-tested, reducing a significant part of the field contractor’s time.

Modularizing an entire electrical distribution enclosure replaces a conventionally built room while reducing footprint and clearance restrictions. Prefabricated houses allow for the early release of permanent power, improving working conditions and enhancing the total project quality.

Value Engineer Risk Out of Your Projects.

Our customized solutions address today’s biggest challenges facing electrical system construction and position each facility to optimize long-term profitability. Our modularized design and factory integration of the most important facility operating components offset industry trends of escalating material costs and a shrinking pool of qualified electricians.

Hillphoenix’s value engineering design process eliminates construction waste and will meet all of your energy management goals. Factory-installed quality, consistency, and reliability provide compressed inspection and commissioning cycles. Let Hillphoenix drive value into your construction project.

Better Practices Make Better Systems

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