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Industrial WeatherPac

Outdoor, Industrial Refrigeration System

WeatherPac™ industrial, distributed refrigeration systems are completely self-contained, outdoor enclosures that are custom-designed to accommodate space requirements and free up inside floor space.

They are often used for rooftop locations over refrigeration lineups in order to reduce installation costs, shorten piping runs and reduce refrigerant charge. In other cases, they are placed on slabs behind the store. Their weatherproof construction with a tough, galvanized outer skin makes them suitable for installation in either location.

WeatherPac™ Industrial Distributed Refrigeration Systems are completely self-contained outdoor enclosures

Outdoor Distributed Refrigeration Systems Benefits

Ease-of-installation is a crucial factor when selecting any refrigeration system. WeatherPac’s distributed system configuration provides an easy way to add capacity to any existing systems or add multiple units to handle all of the refrigeration load.

WeatherPac systems are designed to meet your specific requirements and can be equipped with a range of components, including compressors, controls, even factory-mounted, pre-wired and pre-piped condensers. Superior design features, like compact construction and greater serviceability through removable exterior panels or optional lift-up doors, make WeatherPac systems an ideal configuration for any installation.

Easy Installation.

All that is needed to install a WeatherPac system is to simply mount them in place and connect them to your facilities piping and wiring.

Features typical of outdoor enclosures, such as weatherproof control panels to protect electrical components from adverse climate conditions and compressor crank case heaters to prevent liquid migration in cold climates, can be provided with your WeatherPac. WeatherPac units can also include many of the same options you will find on a typical parallel compressor system, including:

Range of Options Is Almost Unlimited.

  • Components for water and air heat reclamation.
  • Suction accumulators to prevent liquid refrigerant from entering the compressors.
  • Electronic control systems for cycling compressor and condenser fans for optimal control and energy savings, controlling defrost, as well as monitoring temperatures and system alarms.

Better Practices Make Better Systems

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