BMD-R Multi-Deck Bakery Service Display Case


All-Metal Counter Work

MCWC counters are designed and built with all-metal construction. On the outside, exterior cladding comes painted, laminated, or in brushed stainless steel. On top, counter-tops can be solid-surface or brushed stainless steel with highly configurable inserts – hot wells, cold wells and soup wells. Food guards can be specified as service, self-service or both for built-in flexibility.

Lighting, heating and cooling sources are all among the best in the industry: 3500K LED lighting NSF compliant sneeze guards and incandescent lighting over hot food wells and NSF compliant hot wells, soup wells and cold wells.

On the inside, dry lower storage, refrigerated storage or hot drawers add versatility to customize the counter work for your stores needs. Easy access to mechanical locations under the removable deck in dry storage areas.

Dry counter with painted exterior, brushed stainless steel counter top, service sneeze guard and two rows of LED 3500 standard output top lighting.

Brushed stainless steal finish on the back side of counter with dry storage and flush mount swing doors.

Standard Features

  • All metal construction.
  • Standard case lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’.
  • Overall depth: 39”.
  • Case height to top of counter top: 36”.
  • Front painted kickplate height: 6”
  • Exterior: painted.
  • Counter top: brushed stainless steel.
  • Vertical glass sneeze guard with aluminum posts.
  • NSF compliant sneeze guard.
  • 1 row high output LED 3500K top lighting.
  • Back of sneeze guard open.
  • Side wing glass on sneeze guard.
  • Dry lower storage.
  • Flush mount swing doors on lower storage with flag hinges.
  • Removable lower storage deck pans.
  • Mechanical access under removable lower storage deck.

Available Options

  • Case lengths: 2’– 16’ (per 6” increments).
  • Case depths: 36”.
  • Refrigerated or open dry lower storage.
  • Lower storage with sliding doors.
  • Exterior cladding: laminate or brushed stainless steel.
  • Counter top: solid surface, granite or sanolite.
  • Cold wells: 3 – 11 well space.
  • Cold wells: 24-3/8”D.
  • Cold wells will have refrigerated air fl ow over and under pans.
  • Flat pan display in cold wells.
  • Hot wells and soup wells: conduction and induction available.
  • Incandescent lighting over hot wells.
  • Heated or refrigerated drawers.
  • Drop downs in counter top.
  • Dispensers: bowl, plate, napkin, lid or utensil dispensers.
  • Tray slide or glide: brushed stainless steel bars.
  • Deli pans.
  • Solar digital thermometer.
  • Divider bars for fractional pans.
  • Cart bumper.
  • LED 3000K lighting.


Please consult Hillphoenix Engineering Reference Manual for dimensions, plan views and technical specifications. Specifications subject to change without notice. Designed for optimal performance in store environments where temperature and humidity do not exceed 75°F and 55% R.H. Certified to UL 471, ANSI/NSF Standard 2,7,51 and CAN/CSA C22.2.

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