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Integrated, Fuel Dispenser Control Systems

PowerFlow™ utilizes a high-end, industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) that provides the most dependable electrical power and control available in today’s petroleum market. PowerFlow incorporates industry-standard, winning practices for ease-of-installation and start-up, while providing exclusive standard features found nowhere else in the industry. This compact, yet comprehensive system, can be purchased as a standalone, customized power distribution system.


Flexible Configuration

  • Controls from 1 to 20 dispensers.
  • Up to 10 different products.
  • No program changes required when adding dispensers / products.
  • Plug-and-play I/O modules when upgrading capacity in field.


STP Pump Motor Test Pushbuttons – A Hillphoenix Exclusive

  • Allows individual testing of STP contactors for up to 3 minutes.
  • Illuminated to indicate STP is energized.
  • Same pushbutton is used to end motor test, if required.


Cashier Control Center

  • Illuminated fuel shutdown/reset dispenser buttons to easily recognize system status.
  • Emergency fueling systems shutdown/reset dispenser buttons.
  • Optional switches/buttons available to meet customer requirements.
  • Individual dispenser disable/enable buttons to allow operator to shut down MPD’s as needed to enhance site security – another Hillphoenix exclusive.
  • Industrial Grade PLC
  • Dependable and durable.
  • Communication line with leak detection systems.


UL 891, 508A Listed and NEC, NFC, NFPA Code-Compliant

  • Industry-standard terminal markings used for writing fuel shutdown/reset circuit.
  • Provides a safe, reliable product that adheres to, or exceeds, industry standards.
  • Easily installed by any qualified electrical contractor familiar with fuel equipment.


Customer Advantages

  • Lower total ownership cost through labor and cycle time reductions.
  • Reduced operational risk through improved quality consistency and reliability.
  • Enhanced safety and environmental considerations.

Flexibility & Convenience

PowerFlow Components: Integrated Fuel Dispenser Control Systems


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