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Emergency Power Systems for Integrated Fuel Dispenser Control Systems

PowerOn™ emergency power applications help customers deal with the unpredictable and financially devastating nature of power outages.

PowerOnunparalleled expertise in the application of emergency power.


Our full range of design and product integration services offers customers protection ranging from crucial data networks to entire store backup power in the event of brief or extended power outages. Whether the situation demands a new store design or turnkey answers for retrofitting existing stores, Hillphoenix Power Systems has a PowerOn answer to meet your needs.

Customizes Complete Answers

  • Simple UPS and power quality answers integrated with electrical gear.
  • Permanently installed generator and ATS solutions.
  • Mobile power generation, quick-connect capabilities with mechanical interlocking dual main breaker or MTS.
  • Standalone answers or integrated with a total power distribution design.
  • Multiple designs of unit enclosures allow for either indoor location or weatherproof (Type 3R rated) outdoor installation


Industrial Disaster Preparedness Strategy

  • Comprehensive protection programs that ensure total system reliability.
  • Technology consultation, industry partnerships.
  • Regulatory code compliance.


Turnkey Project Management

  • Single point of contact for design, delivery, installation and start-up coordination.
  • Retrofit programs for existing stores.


Customer Advantages

  • Ability to generate revenue when competition is without power and closed.
  • Merchandise and network protection.
    • Systems pay for themselves after only a single event.
  • Enhanced store safety for employees and customers.
  • Reduced engineering and installation costs.
  • T8 dual top lighting
  • Rear electrical raceway
  • Solar digital thermometer
  • Energy efficient fans
  • Remote DX refrigeration package


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