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PowerWall SFC Power Systems

Innovative power distribution for convenience stores.

PowerWall SFC Power Systems

PowerWall SFC Power Systems

Innovative Power Distribution for Convenience Stores. The PowerWall™ SFC is a cost-effective, flexible power distribution and control system for today’s convenience stores, discount stores, drug stores, and small-footprint, food retail stores.

Fast Facts

  • Single-source supplier simplifies switchgear procurement and code-compliant controls to streamline construction, startup and operations.
  • PowerWall units incorporate commercial-grade components that are pre-assembled, pre-wired and tested in a factory-controlled environment; UL 508 & 891 listed.
  • Wide range of cabinet designs offers more flexibility and reduces wall space by 30%+.
  • Support during project design, construction and store operations.
  • Unique interfaces for quick connections to mobile generators.
  • All subsystem controls available as standalone units for retrofits to maintain same control consistency at all locations.

Benefits Inside the Store

  • Compact design maximizes your return on sales floor space and opens up storage space.
  • Optional power quality offerings for POS network and critical electronics (TVSS & UPS systems).
  • Optional Building Management System is scalable to meet your requirements. Key features include; remote monitoring and/or equipment control for HVAC, monitoring coolers, cooler doors, grab-and-go cases and other energy-saving features.


Benefits Outside the Store

  • Pre-engineered, code-compliant fueling system to meet NEC & NFPA.
  • Seamless integration of fueling controls (both low- and high-voltage) for fuel system maintenance, serviceability and complete fuel system shutdown.
  • Fueling controls are scalable to meet site requirements.
  • Submersible contactors incorporated for product pumps.
  • Dispenser and product controls are pre-wired to terminal strips and labeled for easy field connections and field service.
  • Options to pre-install owner-supplied devices, such as tank monitors, data boxes and VFC’s.
  • Optional exterior lighting controls for signage, canopy lighting and site lighting.


PowerWall Power Systems UL, NFPA, NEC and DOE Certified

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