AdvansorFlex CO2 Small Format Refrigeration System | Second Nature

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

CO2 Small Format Refrigeration System

The Second Nature AdvansorFlex CO2 refrigeration system offers retailers of all sizes the leading-edge technology of its larger format predecessor — in a smaller format. Its name says it well — it’s flexible.

AdvansorFlex Components

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AdvansorFlex CO2 Refrigeration System Components

  • CO2 is at the heart of AdvansorFlex.
  • Flexibility for small and large format stores.
  • Save from 5% to 18% on energy bills.
  • Installation savings on average up to 12% to 18%.
  • Easy access maintenance in out-of-the-way areas.
  • Product stays fresher, longer.

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

• Non-Ozone-Depleting (ODP=0)
• Global Warming Potential (GWP=1)
Sustainable Refrigeration

Advansor CO2 Achievements

Refrigeration Regulations - Are you ready?

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

Second Nature - AdvansorFlex CO2

Features & Benefits

CO2 is at the heart of AdvansorFlex

It’s plentiful, non-flammable, non-toxic to the environment, and inexpensive. Because it’s natural, it’s exempt from future legislation and taxation. And, because it won’t deplete the ozone layer, it complies with DOE and EPA requirements. All good news for retailers worried about compliance for today and in the future.

Flexibility for small and large format stores

Use multiple units in a distributed system for large stores or a single unit as the centralized system in smaller stores. The compact design and smaller footprint takes up less floor space in back rooms, equipment room, mezzanines and rooftops. Weatherproof enclosure allows for inside and outside placement.

Save from 5% to 18% on energy bills

A 50,000-square-foot store spends more than $200,000 annually on electricity — and half of that is spent on refrigeration, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. In most cases, CO2 can be more efficient than traditional commercial refrigeration systems. This is especially true in cooler climates. Supermarkets can save from 5% to 18% on energy bills, depending on their location and source of power.


Installation savings on average up to 12% to 18%

More economical, smaller copper pipe sizes can be used with AdvansorFlex. Less insulation is required, and less labor is needed than with a standard HFC system.  Electrical installation is less expensive — a single-point electrical connection is all that’s required. EMS controls integrate easily with existing building controllers. All wiring internal to the case (lights, anti-sweat, fans, defrost, sensors) is factory-wired from the case controller. Electrical design can plan on a single-wire feed that eliminates the need for additional wiring and electrical control boxes.

Easy access maintenance in out-of-the-way areas

Case controllers and electronic expansion valves (EEV’s) control case temperature and superheat automatically without requiring annual maintenance adjustments. When maintenance is required, it’s in out-of-the-way areas and not on the store floor. Plus, AdvansorFlex is designed to allow easy access to rack components.

Product stays fresher, longer

System efficiency is based on ambient temperatures and can be enhanced by a cooler climate. All the while, case temperatures are kept optimum by case controllers and EEV’s. Better performance leads to product staying fresher, longer and a reduction in product shrinkage.

Better Practices Make Better Systems

There are many reasons why Hillphoenix® Refrigeration Systems continues to lead the industry. Why? No matter what the application or the specific refrigeration need, we can offer our customers a wide variety of options and configurations.
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