Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

CO2 Compact Refrigeration System

The Second Nature Advansorflex-Mini CO2 refrigeration system is perfect for small format retail stores, partial remodels, store with distributed refrigeration systems. A GWP of 1 and ODP of 0 makes this system a future proof solution for refrigeration regulations.

Advansorflex-Mini CO2 refrigeration system outdoors

  • Part of the industry’s most robust eco-friendly product portfolio.
  • Future proof solutions. GWP=1, ODP=0
  • Digital gateway with BMS integration.
  • Perfect for new stores or remodels.
  • Small footprint design for small format stores.
  • Cost comparable with HFC systems.

Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

Advansorflex-mini CO2 refrigeration diagram Advansorflex-mini CO2 refrigeration diagram backside

Advansor CO2 Achievements

Refrigeration Regulations - Are you ready?

Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

Second Nature - Advansorflex-Mini CO2

Features & Benefits

  • Welded & painted steel chassis.
  • 208-230V, 460V, & 575V main power – includes main and control 2-point power source.
  • Energy effi cient Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors for low-temp and medium-temp suction groups.
  • CRII digital compressor capacity control for lead low-temp compressors.
  • Liquid strainer.
  • Suction strainers per group.
  • Thru-the-door electrical disconnect.
  • IEC contactors.
  • Phase loss monitor with brownout protection.


  • Digital gateway for flawless communication with any BMS (Building Management System).
  • Weatherproof cabinet.
  • Heat reclaim package – field installed / remote
  • Suction filter/drier – field installed / remote
  • Additional isolation valves – field installed / remote

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