Finally, aftermarket services with no afterthought.

The AMS Groupis the ultimate turnkey organization for today’s aftermarket solutions. Dramatically reduce operating costs and take the worry out of how to accomplish critical business objectives with less money and fewer resources.

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Incentives and Rebates

On top of savings from strategic energy upgrades, state and local utility programs offer rebates and other incentives that lower the cost of an energy efficiency project. Let the retail energy services team at Hillphoenix do the paperwork for you.

Turnkey Capability

Whether you’re adding LED lighting to existing cases or doing a complete remodel, The AMS Group is your single resource for comprehensive energy upgrades. We make it simple and convenient to cut operational expenses and boost the bottom line.

Partners in Sustainability

Our sustainable and energy-efficient technologies have eliminated over 2.5 billion pounds of harmful emissions in the last two decades. Learn more about the competitive and environmental advantages of investing in sustainable refrigeration.


Recommissioning is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy consumption and improve performance. A full-building tune-up can reduce energy usage by an average of 16%.

Close The Case

Shoppers perceive food in closed cases as colder, fresher, even safer, and they find the warmer aisles more inviting. If it’s been a while since you’ve considered case door retrofits, it’s a good time to take a look at Close the Case for deli, dairy, meat, produce, and beverage cases.

LED Lighting Systems

Hilllphoenix energy-efficient LED light fixtures can cut electricity consumption by as much as 75% compared with fluorescent lighting. And they provide more uniform illumination and superior color rendering.

EC Fan Motors

The benefits of evaporator fan retrofits from Hillphoenix go far beyond energy savings. Our fan retrofits feature an EC motor and fiberglass-reinforced plastic blades, orifice, and fan basket in one durable, pre-constructed unit that’s optimized for noise reduction and airflow.


Anti-sweat heater controls monitor ambient conditions and deliver heat to keep doors condensation-free. The SweatMiser anti-sweat heater control is a single, centralized unit that can manage multiple zones within a store, delivering heat just where it’s needed.