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Recommended CO2 Grades for use as a refrigerant in a CO2 Booster system

Due to global supply chain challenges, there has been a shortage of Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) available for refrigerant grade CO2 as well as for gas cylinders. This bulletin is designed to provide Dover Food Retail’s recommendations and guidelines for using the appropriate grade of CO2 (R744) as a natural refrigerant. CO2 is produced as a byproduct of several manufacturing [...]

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New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Guidance on Refrigeration Systems Reporting

Refrigeration Systems and Chillers Facilities with a refrigeration system and/or chillers requiring 50 pounds or more of a high-GWP refrigerant are required to register their facility, keep records of their refrigerant usage, and report that information to the Department. This information is used by the Department to calculate emissions from maintenance of and leaks from these sources.  A high-GWP refrigerant [...]

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R-290 FAQs — Things You Need to Know!

R-290, also known as refrigeration-grade propane, has proven to be one of the most viable alternatives to high GWP HFC refrigerants in industrial and commercial applications. Now that the search for sustainable and environmentally friendly refrigerants takes center stage due to the upcoming and existing refrigerant regulations, the use of R-290 is considered to be an innovative choice instead of [...]

Public Hearing to Consider Proposed Amendments to the Prohibitions on Use of Certain Hydrofluorocarbons in Stationary Refrigeration, Chillers, Aerosols-Propellants, and Foam End-Uses Regulation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB or Board) will conduct a public hearing at the time noted below to consider approving for adoption the Proposed Amendments to the Prohibitions on Use of Certain Hydrofluorocarbons in Stationary Refrigeration, Chillers, Aerosols-Propellants and Foam End-Uses (Title 17, California Code of Regulations, section 95371 et seq.) (HFC Regulation). DATE: December 10, 2020, TIME: 9:00 [...]

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2022 Scoping Plan Update – Initial Air Quality & Health Impacts and Economic Analyses Results Workshop

The 2022 Scoping Plan Update will assess progress towards achieving the Senate Bill 32 (SB 32) 2030 target and lay out a path to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2045. Achieving carbon neutrality will require the State to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the energy and industrial sectors (AB 32 sources), as well as consider emissions and sinks from natural and working [...]

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Plant Based Food is Here to Stay

Gone are the days when consumers can only eat meat from animals. Now, the emerging trend of plant-based food is going above and beyond market shares. As the younger generations seek sustainability amid food crisis, plant-based meat, milk, and cellular-based seafood are on the rise. Make room for plant-based foods on your supermarket shelves because it isn’t going anywhere this [...]

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Natural Refrigerants: The Path Forward for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

Ever since the Montreal Protocol has been put in place, the search for natural refrigerants in commercial and industrial refrigeration has continued to be the top priority in the industry. These regulations to phase down Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) to protect the earth’s ozone layer and to address climate change and its negative effects have long-term significance, not just in [...]

The CO2 Equator — Going … Going … Almost Gone!

The game is on! Synthetic refrigerants got out to an early lead but natural refrigerants have come roaring back. CO2 is up to bat and is poised to hit a home run, already having some key hits in this game with demonstrated lower energy and maintenance costs in both commercial and industrial refrigeration applications as well as providing the peace-of-mind [...]

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To Retrofit or Build New Equipment: Retailers Dilemma amid Upcoming Refrigeration Regulations

The future of the commercial refrigeration industry is looking bright, but some challenges remain uncertain. There is one thing we are sure of though: refrigeration regulations are emerging, and it will greatly impact our industry in one way or another, coming sooner rather than later. Compliance with refrigeration regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy, [...]

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