Working with the Right Team Does Make a Difference!

Making the right choice as to who you want to head up and coordinate the engineering efforts of your new construction or remodel project is a decision with lasting impact. Make the wrong choice and suffer through delays, cost overruns, mistakes, quality problems and a whole host of other ailments. Most of the time, you’ve got one shot to make it right the first time.

Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting

AMS Engineering - We know what we are doing.There will be those out there calling on you, claiming they can meet your every need. Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP) firms attempt to create the appearance of being a comprehensive solution even though they have no core competency in refrigeration design or operational understanding of refrigeration systems. To fill this critical gap, they rely solely on refrigeration OEMs to help them put together their drawing packages. This results in drawing packages with minimal information at best. Consequently, contractors struggle to provide an accurate installation price during the bid process. It only gets worse as installation commences and the shortcomings of the drawings manifest in problems. Upon finally reaching the point of the system becoming operational, it’s not at all uncommon to see reliability and maintenance issues due to things like incorrect refrigeration line sizing, improper refrigeration equipment selection, and improper refrigeration component selection.

And if it’s not the MEP firms, it’s the other refrigeration OEMs who offer the engineering services “for free if you purchase their equipment”. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, this turns out to be another example of “pay me now or pay me later.” With their sole focus on “selling you their product”, the engineering and construction drawing requirements take back seat and are subbed out to others as contract work. Overall coordination is loose at best, resulting in an operation fraught with problems.

The AMS Group Team Has What It Takes to Do the Whole Job

The AMS Group Engineering team offers a wide variety of refrigeration, EMS and HVAC design services for both new construction and remodel activities. Unlike the MEP firms, The AMS Group team takes the lead in all aspects of the job, including the refrigeration design. We work to optimize the system based on the specific project location and the customer’s detailed specifications and goals to ensure complete satisfaction, long-term reliability and efficient performance.

Unlike those other OEMs offering “free services”, The AMS Group team is comprised of highly experienced, in-house professional engineers and designers with extensive knowledge of refrigeration systems and EMS controls, coupled with a thorough understanding of construction and retail operations, who handle the project’s requirements themselves from start-to-finish. No subbing-out the work and risking mistakes — we do it all and we do it right! The AMS Group team works hand-in-hand with the customer’s team to assure that design and construction documents meet their every need. Also, unlike those other OEMs, The AMS Group offers engineering services for any customer, regardless of whose cases, refrigeration systems and EMS systems they wish to use.

Site/Equipment Surveys and Evaluations

AMS Site SurveyOftentimes, The AMS Group Engineering team’s work with a customer starts with a site/equipment survey and subsequent evaluation of the findings in order to create a “snapshot” of the current operation. All aspects of the integrity of the facility as well as the current operating condition of existing refrigeration & EMS system equipment are carefully assessed and documented. Using this information, an As-Built refrigeration schedule and floor plan along with an optimal EMS layout are created.

Got an expansion or equipment replacement project in mind? The AMS Group Engineering team specializes in identifying refrigeration system options to best meet your every need and goal.

Refrigeration/EMS Design Services

Considering a remodel of your operation using your existing equipment and controls? The AMS Group is the unrivaled leader in providing a game plan for you that’ll meet all your goals and objectives. The AMS Group is your go-to partner with the ability to help quickly transform anything from a single store to multiple stores and locations nationwide into more profitable operations. The project scope can involve anything from simple exterior upgrades to comply with new branding guidelines, such as painting and decor, to major interior renovations involving refrigeration, HVAC and general contracting capabilities.

The AMS Group Engineering team provides prototype, new store and remodel design drawing packages along with equipment and component selection utilizing a wide range of process technologies, including:

  • Standard DX Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Secondary Glycol Systems
  • Sub and Transcritical CO2 Systems
  • Case Controllers
  • SoloChill


Design reviews are conducted to assure that everything is going just the way you want and need it to go to meet your goals and objectives.

Refrigerant Conversion Engineering Evaluation

AMS Refrigeration ConversionNow that the eventual end of R-22 refrigerant is in sight, many stores will most likely have to be converted to a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. This can be a daunting and complex task. AMS has developed an effective process and a dedicated team to give retailers options that will be EPA-compliant and prevent these harmful gases from escaping into the environment.

There’s Only One Right Choice!

So, when you’re considering the alternatives for contracting out that all-important project of yours, there’s only one right choice. Working with the right team does make a difference — The AMS Group is the only aftermarket, true one-stop shop aimed at helping retailers cut energy costs, increase sales through better merchandising and help take the worry out of how to accomplish critical business objectives with less money and fewer resources.

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